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WillDom Summit 2022: A Must-Live Experience

September 11, 2023


Summit 2022

“WillDom’s team is full of stars and ideas that make the possibilities endless. The ecosystem, understood as a monster, is alive and real and belongs to all of us.” – Mauricio Quevedo

WillDom is ending 2022 with a bang! And what better way to wrap it all up than by coming together to explore, network, and celebrate with our team? The 2022 WillDom Summit brought together 70 participants from branches across 16 countries to IAE Business School in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a spectacular 5-day event. The calendar was packed with training sessions, team-building exercises, networking events, and more!

The Takeaways

In a primarily remote workplace, the element of human connection can be difficult to achieve. Javier Ibanez, our Chief Networking Officer and one of our Co-Founders, shared the impact that in-person events like this have on the team, “On the interpersonal level, human relationships were strengthened, this is very important to leverage remote work and day-to-day operations”. As much value as there is in the information and networking that occurs, simply having a moment to connect with passionate, like-minded professionals serves as a boost for the entire company.

One of the greatest opportunities our branch directors and chief officers viewed after the summit was cross-branch collaboration. The same cultural likeness that makes Latam talent the best choice for US companies, would facilitate the synergy between the branches. By leveraging the talent throughout the WillDom ecosystem, combined with the rapidly developing tools and technology available to our people, the branches have all the right resources to set and reach their goals for 2023. 

Many of the executives shared their excitement about the insights and feedback received from fellow participants who offered perspectives from diverse professional, cultural, and technical backgrounds. The collaborative environment that we foster at WillDom facilitated the flow of this proactive communication. WillDom’s CRO and Co-founder, Martin Suarez Viavaca, shared an indispensable message from the summit for all participants to take back to their local branches: “Make sure this great culture remains as we grow”.

The Favorites

A crowd favorite activity was the outdoor team-building exercises which offered real-world scenarios that put theory into practice. They pushed participants to assess and strengthen their processes from the planning and strategizing to the execution and evaluation phases of operations. 

Another favorite was the Masterclass sessions. They provided value both on a personal, professional, and team level. CEO and Co-Founder, Andres Perea, highlighted his appreciation for the entrepreneurial Masterclass in specific and said, WillDom is a platform for entrepreneurs, developing our skills in relation to this topic is crucial to continue innovating as a company”. This applies not only to the class he addressed but across the board. The collaborative exercises nourished our teams and fortified the connection between them which is essential for WillDom’s development.

As the summit wrapped up, Ignacio Urtubey, our Sales Process Manager, shared a message that the entirety of our ecosystem can take forward, “We have a great team, with awesome people. And this is only the beginning, we have everything needed to dream big”. From the start, WillDom’s driving force has been to co-create value with the talent to build more opportunities. We have special, talented professionals. We have a strong collaborative ecosystem. Now our priority is to maintain and grow!
Watch a recap of some of the best moments from the WillDom Summit over on YouTube and follow our post-event activities on LinkedIn. Interested in becoming a branch or joining our team? Visit us at

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