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Talent Management

The collection and utilization of data have become more valuable than gold for a majority of enterprise companies. Being able to put technologies in place that not only collect this data but can make sense of it while it’s still useful is a priority for many organizations. Based on the innovations in computing and networking, next-gen capabilities like artificial intelligence are expanding the boundaries for what enterprise companies can do. 

WillDom is on the front lines of utilizing AI and other next-gen technologies to manage the complete process of talent management. As of May 2021, with WillDom’s current ecosystem of 3200 best-in-class technical talent across 5 offices in Argentina, Bolivia, El Salvador, Paraguay, and Ecuador, many areas require proactive attention. AI can play a large part in helping to manage our technologists, processes, and relationship with our clients. 

Here are a few ways that our proprietary WAVE platform is utilizing AI to help business processes and talent management tasks:


WAVE has distinct sourcing capabilities: we have organized our talent pool in different “engagement & validation” layers, starting from the most strongly validated devs, who have already proven to be very aligned to our model and projects, and moving outwards towards buckets of talent that will have to go through some extra validation to ensure alignment with our business model. This gives us leverage to quickly respond to client talent management and staffing needs in less time, with high quality, which is usually two mutually exclusive variables in this game. Additionally, for our Agile Teams service, we rely on the organization of our data and our AI capabilities to help build a dedicated team that is best geared towards supporting our clients.


WillDom’s platform has developed an integrated, objectivity-bound interviewing module to assess the candidates’ quality from various standpoints. Information about the candidate is included throughout their journey with WillDom, with a full history timeline that includes interviews, notes, positions applied for in the past, and other strategic information that helps maintain the integrity of caliber resources WillDom provides.

  • Technical expertise through randomized, level-specific tech probing questions.
  • Soft skills through a standardized, behavioral-based scale that helps us measure and compare key soft abilities such as communication, client-facing, and flexibility, cross-referenced with the VUCA vectors, so relevant in the current world of work.
  • English conversational level through an internationally recognized scale system that helps us gauge the communication aspect even further. 
  • Alignment to our projects/business model (through a set of key aspects such as “contractor format”, project length, pay rate, etc.
  • Logical thinking & problem-solving abilities through a proprietary questionnaire integrated into WAVE that helps us rate candidates more objectively.

After every interview done in the WAVE platform, a survey goes out for the interviewee to complete so they can share their feedback and experience. We’re proud to say that we have a very high percentage for interviewee satisfaction – 96.8% over the last 12 months and 96.2% over the last three months.

Client presentations:

WAVE offers our Talent teams the ability to conduct “candidate-centered” presentations to our clients. Our talent management platform is designed to trigger alerts for following up with candidates, informing them of next steps or last updates, reconnecting after some time has passed without them being on an active project… all designed to maximize the developer journey. WAVE also plays a critical role in helping to build teams for our Agile Teams service and presents them to clients for co-creating business solutions to provide further value. This topic will be detailed in the next post in this series.


The platform integrates all concerning areas during this very critical step in a developer’s journey: first days in the company/project/client. Through a set of Kan-ban based modules, our key areas of Talent, Delivery, and Marketing, with product support from emails, WAVE access, Slack, Wiki, etc., can seamlessly interact and collaborate to co-create world-class candidate onboarding experiences. Specific tasks are created and assigned to each individual involved in the project, ensuring they complete the necessary steps and actions to get aligned on project details and work cohesively with colleagues to deliver the quality of work our customers deserve.

Similar to the survey we send out to interviewees, we also ask our developers and technologists to share their thoughts after the onboarding process has been completed. Again, with everything that goes into providing a seamless onboarding experience, we’re proud to have high marks in this part of the developer’s journey as well – with satisfaction at 86.1% over the last 12 months and 88.3% over the last three months.

More About Wave:

The WAVE platform provides a streamlined approach for all members of the community to communicate quickly and efficiently. With team members being located all over the world, and usually consist of a mixture of remote staff and those in-office, conversations must happen in real-time so that client demands can be properly serviced. Additionally, our clients receive this capability and effortlessly contact and interact with every WillDom member on their team. 

WillDom was predicated on the belief that technology can change how we interact with our world, so building our own solutions and services that cater to a great experience for our tech ecosystem, partners, and clients are aligned with our vision, and we’re practicing what we preach. 

As you can see, there are so many elements that come into play when dealing with talent management. By incorporating innovative technology and using data to guide our decisions and processes, we continue to see explosive growth. With WAVE, we can effectively manage our technologists, which translates to not only a great experience for our community, but continued success for our clients.  

In our next post about WAVE, we’ll dive into detail about how assignments are handled as we’ll continue to discuss the relationship between talent management and the platform.

To learn more about our WAVE platform and its capabilities in talent management, please visit our “WAVE by WillDom” section of the website and connect with a WillDom expert, or reach out by following us on Linkedin.

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