WillDom’s WAVE Platform: The Sales Process


In our first installment of our WAVE series, we discussed talent management and how our proprietary platform – which includes next-gen AI capabilities – is critical in helping keep a full history of our members so we can provide you with the best technical candidate for your needs. Now, we’re going to take a look at the sales process – everything from connecting with a prospect to signing them as a client – and how WAVE plays an integral role as well. 

Most automated outsourcing platforms are a one size fits most solution, but the reality is that every project is unique. Solely employing AI to match candidates with prospective employers, project managers, etc., loses the human element of connecting and understanding the specific needs and requests of each client. 

Leveraging Human Interaction

It’s proven that artificial intelligence facilitates the processing of information and accelerates the recruitment process overall, but when a human touch is present, the prospect of success is greatly improved. Why? Because all the technology in the world doesn’t detract from the need for human-to-human connection. 

From your first contact with WillDom through the point we’ve partnered you with the perfect fit  for your project, a business developer will work closely with you to ensure our talent search and their integration into your project is seamless and quick. And with the input of WillDom’s tech experts, clients also are assisted to pinpoint what it is they’re looking for, identify the technical needs/resources that must be employed, and understand the expected timeframe for deliverables. That is something a completely automated software simply can not replicate. So pairing human to human connectivity, flexibility, and knowledge with the operational efficiency of WAVE’s AI streamlines the various stages of recruitment.

Here’s a peek into how we get it done:


Constructing the Ideal Candidate

Once a client has shown interest and is actively engaging with WillDom, they have the first call with our business developer. At this point, our business development representative focuses on the direct needs of the potential client. It’s through a deep understanding of what they’re trying to accomplish that sets WillDom apart and makes the process much more fluid. For example, in a call with the candidate we capture numerous information that will help our team down the line, such as: software knowledge, level of English, rate, etc. We also take special requests and “nice-to-have” skills that would place a candidate ahead of any others. And whether they currently have a team in place or are just beginning to build their team, we ensure to take a farsighted view at this stage to find a fit that is flexible enough for growth and/or adaptation with the existing team. 

In the case that the client is unsure of what their project entails, we bring in our team building specialists at this stage to break down the technical requirements as well as guide the client in developing their overall goals and expectations for the work.

Requisition Development & Talent Scoping

At this phase of the opportunity building stage, the information gathered by the business developer is taken internally to communicate with the different WillDom branches spread throughout South and Central America – which all have access to the WAVE platform. The branches are then responsible for finding candidates who they find fit and for introducing them to our global team. 

This image highlights the information that we fill in for a requisition:

With such a wide range of specialization and skill sets found in our talent pool, WAVE makes it easy to showcase software developers and engineers who lead and excel in their area. All talent who are part of the WillDom ecosystem go through various stages of evaluation, including in technical expertise, previous work experience with US clients, English proficiency, and more. The platform allows structuring and standardization of all this information to seamlessly move the client through the organizational framework in a collaborative manner.

An image of the dashboard below showcases how a requisition is shared and seen by the WillDom network so that each branch can cooperate on finding the right talent fit for their needs.

Candidate Introduction

After being validated by the local WillDom branch team and business developer, the candidate is formally introduced to the client. They are presented with the talent’s resume and are given the option to move forward, or not, with the candidate for an interview. Clients are introduced to 3 to 4 candidates on average during this team introduction phase to make the ideal pick for their project. 


After the statement of work is signed and the onboarding begins, WillDom remains involved through the project kick-off phase to ensure that the introduction and adaptation is as smooth as possible. Our involvement at this stage provides the talent with a guide to carry out the necessary steps to get aligned on project details and work in the agile method, of which we set as the gold standard for optimal results in every project. 

How WAVE Enhances Each Process

Throughout the recruitment process, WAVE is utilized to keep communication fluid between branches and the business development team. 

All of the project details and specifications are documented in the platform, along with the candidate requirements. The business developer uses snippets of strategically developed questions to guide and shape the requisition. This includes any information gathered from calls, emails, or any other client interaction throughout the initial phases.

And once the handpicked candidates who are introduced by the individual branches are vetted, we craft personalized emails with their information to be shared with the client. All information on the prospective talent will be viewable to the client in one place: rate per hour, location, general resume information, and so forth.

Thereon, the evaluation and communication between client, candidate, and WillDom’s team members is all conducted on the platform. This is especially important in the transition phase of onboarding. All of the project information previously shared by the client, along with updates are relayed in a strategic manner to prepare the candidate and keep the communication clear between all parties.

If you are interested in learning more about WillDom or being part of our ecosystem, connect with us on LinkedIn or visit us at WillDom.com.

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