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Leading cloud software for the hospitality business

Our customer is a leading spa management software & online scheduling system used by top hotel & resort spas, multi-location day spas, fitness chains, and salons. WillDom’s Cloud specialized developers were the perfect fit for this project.

The challenge

The company is a growing business, reaching new markets, and crossing geographical barriers. They needed to add new functionalities to a platform with coexisting technologies without interrupting daily operations.

Expanding from Canada to US markets, arriving in Europe and Africa our customer needed a product that could deliver a fitting service in these markets, improving customer support, enrollment, room booking, billing, and payment methods.


Three WillDom Full-stack web developers joined a 20 people team. Together, they went over two projects.

1st, the team created from scratch a new app:

• The new reservation setter is a unique online booking menu: it connects to the previous core system.
• It allows customers to book appointments.
• The spa clients now deliver feedback through survey forms.

2nd, the team developed a CRM for spas:

• WillDom’s team developed new features:
    - Extend payment methods, adapt to currencies, and fix timezone issues
   - integration with other services, such as employee management The upgrades boosted the brand’s digital transformation, providing technology improvements, and enhancing customer experience.


• Frontend: ASP.NET Web Forms, Plain JavaScript, JQuery, Angular2, AngularJS, Bootstrap.
• Backend: .Net, .Net Core, ASP.NET MVC.
• Database: MongoDB, SQL Server.
• Cloud: AWS, Amazon S3, Amazon SQS, E-commerce.

All in all, our customer and WillDom developers created an extended-lasting team. The joint work environment matured over 4 fruitful years.

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