Leading Platform for Free live TV and on-demand movies

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Leading Platform for Free live TV and on-demand movies

Our Customer is a free, advertiser-supported video-on-demand platform that primarily offers a selection of programming content through digital linear channels designed to emulate the experience of traditional broadcast programming.

The challenge

The product was transitioning from its original format (curated videos) to the current On-demand Video and Channels format, moving from a custom based development and upgrading to a cutting edge framework.

During this process:
• Different technologies coexisted, but it was fundamental to avoid hampering normal operations
• It was vital to provide new solutions without losing compatibility


Two Senior Full-Stack WillDom Developers joined an eight people team that worked on the second and third iteration of the product.

Our devs worked on the following aspects of the project:
• Video on-demand.
• Front and Back End development.
• Analytics.
• Second iteration of the platform.
• NArchitecture re-designing.

Some of the technologies involved in this project were:

React, TypeScript, JavaScript, Redux-thunk and Redux-saga, CSS, and HTML.

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