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Our customer is a cloud-based sports management solution for sports-event organizers. The software helps users manage operations, online registration, keeping teams on time, and united with schedules, team chat, and many other features.

The challenge

More than 30,000 sports organizations use our customer’s software to grow and manage their organization, drastically reducing their time on administrative tasks.

• The app receives thousands of requests per day.
• New features are required regularly.
• The software has many different types of users: it has to be super intuitive and easy to use.
• The platform needs continuous updates to bring users adequate support and response to their demands


We provided a team of iOS and Android developers specialized in native apps development and technologies like Kotlin, Java, Swift, and Objective-C, to join the Sports Engine mobile team and help achieve key goals:

• Improve operational efficiency.
• Solve functionality issues.
• Software development.
• Enhance usability by fixing UI issues and innovating in UX design.
• New features development.
• Make software development more productive.

WillDom developers are always eager to join customer culture and working style, following the roadmap and respecting all requests. Thanks to this willingness, the team could deliver in due time and proper course.

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