We help Protranslating the major player in the linguistic space

Language translation services

Protranslating is a major player in the language space, translating over 150 million words per year, with over 500 people touching products daily.

The company provides a full spectrum of services in more than 200 languages to organizations worldwide, accessing sophisticated technologies and tight quality procedures.

The challenge

Protranslating began in 1973 as a traditional translation services company. After growing for decades, the company decided to move on to a different business model, and transform into one that is more centered around technology

The model shift meant a paradigm change and represented a considerable challenge for this industry.

Main issues to solve:

• Simplify technological challenges to avoid hampering normal business operations.

• Develop a web application from the ground up that would manage and assess all translating projects.

• Work with a fully remote team across time zones.


Two senior full-stack developers joined the team. Their understanding of the company helped to rethink and reshape the business model from the ground up.

WillDom developers are highly trained and experienced in helping companies and their digital transformation. They know that technology must be part of the solution instead of a problem.

As members of a five people team, our Devs were in charge of:

• Helping lead and manage the team.
• Information architecture.
• Software development.
• Design and development of an automated end-to-end test suite

Some of the technologies used were MongoDB, Node.js, and Vue.js.

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