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What Is Angular?

Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework used to create efficient, dynamic, and attractive web applications that can run on any platform. Angular combines declarative templates, dependency injection, end-to-end tooling, and integrated best practices to solve development challenges.

What Types of Applications
Can Be Built Using Angular?

With Angular, developers can build comprehensive, reliable, and scalable applications. Here are some of the most common types of applications that can be created using Angular:
A single-page application is a web-based app that dynamically rewrites the current page instead of loading entire new pages from a server.
Progressive Web Applications are designed to be fast and reliable and provide a seamless experience for users.
Enterprise web apps are typically more complex, as they are intended to serve the needs of a large organization and handle large volumes of data.
Mobile apps are designed to be used on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
Real-time applications update users with real-time information, like GPS tracking and stock-ticker applications.
E-commerce applications are web apps used to facilitate online sales, offering a variety of payment methods and customer service tools.
Content management tools are applications used to store, manage, and distribute content, ideal for businesses.
Dynamic web applications offer dynamic user interfaces with features like sound, video, animation, and graphics.
Server-side rendered applications generate HTML on the server side before sending it to the client.
Interactive websites are pages designed to be engaging, interactive, and user-friendly.
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What Are the Benefits of
Angular for Businesses?

Angular is a comprehensive framework offering various features and tools for businesses to leverage. The benefits of Angular for businesses include:
Angular applications are built using TypeScript, a language that makes development more accessible by allowing developers to create reusable code and applications.
Angular applications are built to be easily scalable, so businesses can quickly adjust their applications to changes in demands and user activity.
Angular applications can be developed to run on multiple devices with a single code base, allowing companies to save time and money.
Angular applications can be easily integrated with other applications, allowing businesses to build powerful interconnected applications.
Angular has built-in testing tools that will enable companies to test their applications quickly and ensure they are bug-free and functioning correctly.
Angular enables businesses to create interactive, attractive, and easy-to-use applications that enhance user experience and customer loyalty.
Angular has built-in SEO optimization, making it easier for businesses to achieve better results from their SEO campaigns.
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What Technologies Are Built on Angular?

Given the power of the Angular framework in the software development process, several companies have hired experienced Angular developers to build technologies on the framework, including:

WillDom's Angular
Services and Solutions

At WillDom, we provide comprehensive Angular services and solutions to meet your development needs. Here are some of our exemplary Angular development services and solutions:
AngularJS web app development creates software applications running on web browsers. These web development projects, when done by a leading AngularJS web development company, can range from simple websites to complex e-commerce systems.
Mobile application development creates apps for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. These applications offer features tailored to the needs of mobile users, such as location-awareness services.
Custom component development involves creating software components that meet the particular needs of an organization or project. They are often used to extend existing applications’ functionality or develop new ones.
Modernizing existing apps to take advantage of new technologies. This can involve updating existing code to be more efficient or transitioning applications with a new approach.
Performance optimization involves tweaking software applications to ensure they run as efficiently as possible. This includes testing the application for potential bottlenecks and ensuring it is optimized accordingly.
Testing services verify that a software application meets specified requirements. They usually involve usability testing, performance testing, security testing, and regression testing.
Maintenance and support involve monitoring and maintaining a software application after deployment. This can include providing technical support for the application, bug fixes, and any needed updates.
Integration services involve integrating software apps with other applications, such as databases and services. This can include transferring data between different apps or creating an interface that allows apps to communicate.
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Why Choose WillDom for Angular Development Services?

WillDom’s team of experienced developers and designers has the skills to help create custom Angular solutions for any project. As an AngularJS development company, we offer quick turnaround times, support options, and flexible pricing models, making us an ideal partner for any organization.

With WillDom, you are guaranteed an improved user experience and superior technical results, like a dynamic user interface.

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