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Looking for a Go (Golang) Development Company?

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What Is Golang?

Golang, or just Go, is Google’s open-source programming language. It provides fast and efficient development as its structure is designed for writing code quickly. It has built-in support for concurrency, and its syntax is simple and consistent.

What Types of Applications
Can Be Built Using Golang?

The Golang programming language, unlike other programming languages, is especially suited for developing highly secure, reliable, and robust applications and large-scale distributed systems. Below are some of the many different types of applications that developers can create using Go:
Web applications run in a web browser on a remote server, allowing users to interact with them without installing anything.
APIs and microservices enable developers to create custom requests for data or services between applications.
Command-line tools are applications that allow developers to interact with computers by inputting commands instead of through a graphical user interface.
Networking applications allow computers or networks to communicate with each other over the Internet. Popular networking applications include email and chat programs.
Distributed systems employ decentralized programming models that spread data across multiple nodes and are typically used for large-scale data analysis and storage.
Data processing and analytics apps transform raw data into useful information.
Blockchain and cryptocurrency applications are decentralized platforms that use distributed ledger technology to store and share data securely.
IoT apps connect physical devices (such as smart home appliances, vehicles, etc.) to the Internet to allow remote access, automation, and data collection.
Command and control systems enable people to manage the operations of a system or machines from a remote location.
Cloud infrastructure tools allow businesses to use cloud computing, providing scalability, security, and cost savings.
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What Are the Benefits of
Golang for Businesses?

Golang is an open-source programming language designed for businesses needing a faster and more reliable development environment. The benefits that come when you hire Go developers as a business include:
Golang’s code is compiled directly to native machine code, faster and more efficient than code executed in a virtual machine runtime.
Golang can run multiple tasks simultaneously, allowing developers to write scaled applications to handle any workload.
Golang’s syntax is concise and easy to read, which makes coding in Go much faster than coding in other languages.
Golang’s programs are lightweight and do not need much memory or processing power to execute, which helps them run fast and smoothly on any system.
Golang has a large community of users constantly developing new tools and libraries that make it easier and assist fellow developers.
Golang can build applications for any operating system. Golang’s standard library also enables it to interact with any programming language.
Golang compiles applications to binary files, which means they can be deployed to any machine without installing additional software.
Golang has several built-in testing and debugging tools. These tools make it easier to ensure that applications work correctly and quickly troubleshoot bugs.
Golang supports concurrent networking, meaning developers can easily create applications that can handle multiple network connections simultaneously.
Golang is highly secure and stable due to its strict language rules and comprehensive standard library.
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What Technologies Are Built on Golang?

Golang’s broad capabilities and scalability have made it a popular choice for businesses developing technologies, including:

WillDom's Golang
Services and Solutions

As a leading Golang development company, WillDom specializes in providing reliable Go software development solutions for businesses looking to create unique and robust applications. Here are some of the services our development team offers:
WillDom’s web developers can create tailored web apps such as e-commerce shops, corporate sites, and more. Our web development experts cover the whole project lifespan, from conception to deployment, and provide ongoing support.
Our microservices architecture service helps create resilient applications by breaking down business logic into independent services that are easier and faster to develop. We use Golang’s concurrency and parallelism capabilities to build scalable, fault-tolerant services.
Our cloud-native development combines Golang’s high performance and flexibility with the power of cloud computing. We develop distributed and decentralized systems that are highly scalable and resilient, as well as monitor performance and optimize costs.
Our systems programming service provides companies with the tools to create high-performance low-level code. Our team of experienced developers will start fast and efficient applications.
Our developers are well-versed in Golang’s native concurrency and parallelism features and can help you develop quicker and smoother applications.
Our API development services can help you create robust and secure APIs that enable your applications to communicate with each other and safely exchange data. We leverage Golang’s strong type system and simple syntax to create robust and reliable APIs.
We use Golang’s extensively tested database packages to create custom databases that adhere to the highest security and performance standards.
Command-line tools are apps that allow developers to interact with computers by inputting commands instead of through a graphical user interface. With Golang, we can create highly optimized command-line tools that give companies great control over their app.
Deployment and DevOps are essential to the development process. We use Golang’s native binary files to create deployable applications and set up and maintain the CI/CD pipelines and DevOps tools necessary for successful deployment.
Our team of developers can leverage Golang’s native features and custom optimization techniques to get the most out of your applications.
By leveraging Golang’s native code review tools, our developers can identify potential issues and help you refactor your code for more outstanding performance and scalability.
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Why Choose WillDom for Golang Development?

WillDom offers businesses the most comprehensive Golang development services available for their project. With our team of experienced developers, we can provide secure Go solutions, robust architectures, and reliable deployments.

We understand that businesses rely on their apps, and we take the necessary steps to ensure that applications built with Golang are secure, stable, and performant.

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