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WillDom Reshapes Executive Leadership Team by Appointing Andres Perea as Second CEO in Company History

June 22, 2023

Andres Perea Takes the Helm of WillDom to Execute on Key Growth Initiatives; Executive Leadership Team Expands

BUENOS AIRES, AR and FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – December 14, 2022 – WillDom, a leader in enabling high-growth organizations to rightsource, strategize, and execute on their digital transformation initiatives, today announced the appointment of co-founder Andres Perea as its second CEO in company history. Being under democratic leadership for the last two years, it was decided that a CEO was needed to handle WillDom’s excessive growth. Javier Ibanez-Padilla, Chief Networking Officer at WillDom, served as the first CEO of the company from 2010 to 2020.

As CEO, Perea will concentrate on continuing to drive the vision of WillDom forward by growing the WillDom community, attracting new clients in a variety of verticals, and converting new branches to the WillDom network.

Perea has more than a decade of business administration experience and essential skills in new business development, sales and marketing, financial analysis, and strategic planning. Additionally, prior to co-founding WillDom, Perea was the co-founder of SerCor, a private mail company.

Andres´ long-term and ambitious vision combined with his strong work ethic make him the perfect leader for WillDom´s plan,” said Javier Ibanez-Padilla, Chief Networking Officer of WillDom. “Andres’ extensive background and skills in the business world, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his ability to realize gaps and fill needs will help strengthen WillDom’s partnerships, increase client engagement, and execute on continuing to make WillDom a well-known and valuable brand.”

I am honored to be recognized as the CEO of WillDom, and look forward to taking charge of many of the goals and initiatives that we have in place for the future,” stated Andres Perea, CEO of WillDom. “When the other directors and I started WillDom, we wanted to create not only a company but an environment that embodies innovation and collaboration. Now, with better-defined roles and responsibilities, I believe we have the structure and support of a strong executive leadership team that lives out this vision and will result in being able to add more value to our people and clients.

As a co-founder of WillDom, Perea was instrumental in developing and implementing new business models for the company, and spearheaded numerous teams including expansion, finance, and marketing.

   executive leadership team
Executive leadership team

Since WillDom’s inception in 2010, operations and business decisions were led by its four co-founders and directors – Andres Perea, Martin Suarez-Viacava, Javier Ibanez-Padilla, and Mariano Morales. The executive leadership is growing with the installation of Martin Marlatto as Chief Operations Officer and Fernando Rodriguez as Chief Financial Officer. Here is the executive leadership team breakdown:

Martin Marlatto as Chief Operations Officer
Martin Marlatto as Chief Operations Officer
  • Andres Perea, Chief Executive Officer
  • Javier Ibanez-Padilla, Chief Networking Officer
  • Martin Suarez-Viacava, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Mariano Morales, Chief Technology Officer
  • Martin Marlatto, Chief Operations Officer
  • Fernando Rodriguez, Chief Financial Officer
  • Eduardo Caride, WillDom Board Advisor
  • Juan Quiroga, WillDom Board Advisor
Fernando Rodriguez as Chief Financial Officer
Fernando Rodriguez as Chief Financial Officer

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