10 ideal and simple Arduino projects for beginners

Arduino projects

If you’re interested in technology and electronics, there’s a great chance you’ve heard or read about Arduino projects. But the question is, what exactly is Arduino? The answer to that question is many things. Arduino consists of hardware, programming language, and software that allows the creation of various open-source electronic prototypes. In other words, you can write code to program a variety of different things.

With Arduino projects, you can do anything imaginable if you know how to use it effectively. That may include things such as creating something interactive, like switching a set of lights on and off by voice, for example. With just a good understanding of the Arduino programming language, as well as how to use its software for programming, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the world of numerous possibilities presented by Arduino.

Why use Arduino?

Arduino is both free software and hardware. Anyone can use and edit the code by using Arduino’s own programming environment: the Arduino IDE. Since they aren’t that hard to learn and carry out, Arduino projects have become immensely popular over the years. 

Arduino offers several benefits, including: 

User-friendly software and hardware

It’s approachable and easy to learn how to use. For this reason, it’s perfect for beginners as well as for expert users.


Unlike other similar systems, the Arduino software can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux.


As previously mentioned, the Arduino software is open source. Its tools can be edited and extended by experienced developers using C++ libraries.

The hardware is also open source, which means that any experienced circuit designer can edit and improve it to their taste and needs.

Low cost

Arduino boards are really affordable. That is one of the main reasons why it’s so widely used in comparison to other microcontrollers on the market.

10 cool Arduino projects for beginners

Whether you already have your Arduino kit or are thinking of buying one, you may be wondering where to start. 

Knowing what to do with your Arduino is not always easy. Especially because there are thousands of options among the potential projects available for you to carry out. Here are 10 Arduino projects for beginners:

1. LED controller

This is one of the easiest projects to start with. It requires only 5 components: an Arduino UNO board, an Android device, some LEDs, a resistor, and a Bluetooth module. The circuit is extremely short, using only four connections. 

2. Game controller for PC

It might seem shocking to you, but yes, you can make your own game controller to play your favorite game.

It only requires five main pieces: an Arduino, resistors, pushbuttons, a breadboard, and jumper wires.

3. Solar tracker

What’s cooler than telling your friends and family that you’ve built your own solar tracker?  Solar panels with solar trackers are much more efficient than those without. That is because they capture more solar power.

To make it happen, you’ll only need to use an Arduino UNO board, two servo motors, and a light sensor with four LDRs.

4. Enough Already: mute my TV

If anything can be said about this project it’s that it is fascinating. Is it useful? Maybe. Is it fun? Well, sure. Perfect for when you don’t want to hear about this or that on a TV show.

You will need an Arduino board, Nootropic Design’s video experimenter shield, an IR detector, an IR sensor, and an audio cable.

5. Radiofrequency identification (RFID) smart lock

If you want to start with something a bit more complex, creating a smart lock system is perfect for you.

This project will require these items: an Arduino board, a Logic-level N channel MOSFET, several resistors and LEDs, an MFRC522 module, a 12V Solenoid, and a 12V Power supply.

6. LED lamp

A good choice when you can’t find the perfect lamp for your bedside table. This project is easy to program and assemble, but it requires some more pieces, including a 3D printer to print the parts of the main body of the lamp.

The rest of the necessary components include things like an Arduino Nano R3, an addressable LED strip, a 7 mm x 100 mm glue stick, a 3A Mini DC-DC step-down converter volt regulator, and one 10k ohm resistor, among other parts.

7. A musical instrument

There are many options available for creating an instrument using Arduino. To convert waves into sounds, you’ll need an Arduino UNO board, and a Pi supply Flickr charge.

8. Earthquake detector

Sure, you might be thinking “What? Is it possible to assemble an earthquake detector with Arduino?”, and yes, you can! It’s an easy and not too complex project.

You will use an Arduino board, the setup from 3 Axis Accelerometer LIS2HH12 Module, resistors, LEDs, and a wire stripper.

9. Home security alarm system

Making your home safer thanks to your skills? Now that’s cool.

It’s quite simple and really useful. To build it, you only require an Arduino UNO, PIR motion detection sensor, and a GSM module with SIM inserted.

10. Smoke detector

A fun and really useful project. It’s inexpensive and easy to carry out. It only requires some components such as an Arduino UNO, a breadboard, an MQ-2 smoke detection sensor, jumper wires, a buzzer, a resistor, and LEDs.

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