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Growth Success Spotlight: Mauricio Quevedo, El Salvador Branch

August 31, 2023


Growth Success Spotlight El Salvador Branch.

This month, we’re excited to spotlight our El Salvador branch, which has been part of WillDom’s growth since December 2019. We were able to speak with Mauricio Quevedo, who manages the office, to learn more about how he first connected with us and the advantages he noticed from the collaboration.

Mauricio’s Background

“I’ve been a strong proponent of helping develop the technical talent in El Salvador so that U.S. companies can see the country as a viable option for technical expertise. In fact, before starting my own business in El Salvador, I received a Fellowship from the U.S. Embassy in El Salvador to spend a year in the United States to network with other tech professionals and U.S. businesses to bring more clients and project opportunities back to my home country. 

After finishing this opportunity and ending an internship at GenUI in 2012, I returned to start my own company, where I began exporting software development services to American companies. 

The backbone of this effort was an International Internship Program in which young talent, Salvadorian Professionals, get trained in the United States over the course of one year.”

Mauricio’s Introduction to WillDom

“While at a conference in Buenos Aires in 2019, I met Andres Perea, a WillDom director. The timing was perfect, as I was looking for new opportunities, and WillDom was able to offer that – mainly based on the deep pipeline of U.S. relationships and clients they maintain. 

El Salvador has a strong connection with the U.S., mainly due to their cultural affinity, close geographical proximity, and low language barrier.  

After a few months of back-and-forth, my team in El Salvador and I signed on to become a branch with WillDom. For me, WillDom met two critical areas that I was looking for: high-quality and high-paying jobs that reached beyond our borders and enhanced El Salvador’s visibility as a thriving tech market.”

Experiencing WillDom’s Culture

“With the El Salvador branch now onboard, a good amount of co-learning is happening between the local company and WillDom as a whole. We are experiencing how WillDom can best support us and the numerous benefits our El Salvador branch offers to our ecosystem and clients. For example, our team in El Salvador and our colleagues within WillDom were the first to offer the Agile Teams service to customers, working cohesively and collaboratively within the company and providing the best service for our clients.

Offering a service with an entire team that first seeks to understand the technical and business needs and then works towards that goal is an evolutionary approach that transforms the client relationship, and we are proud to have helped kick that off”.

The Benefits of Joining WillDom

“After joining WillDom, we became ingrained in the culture. We gained access to the company’s proprietary WAVE platform, which seamlessly helps manage everything from day-to-day activities to client deliverables. My team and I saw additional benefits, including:

  • The overall client portfolio has increased by more than 40%.
  • Additional services are offered due to our access to WillDom’s growing technical talent pool. 
  • Headcount increased by 50% after joining WillDom projects and clients.
  • No dropped opportunities due to the resources provided by WillDom.
  • Continuous access to U.S.-based customers and projects.
  • Our location allows us to attend to clients from PST to EST time zones.
  • El Salvador has excellent language skills, so there is no barrier to communicating with clients, which also helps the talent recruitment process.

Furthermore, I mentioned that the WillDom business model works perfectly for us because it provides autonomy. Still, it is a structure designed for companies to thrive based on their expectations and actions. 

I am thrilled to be part of WillDom and am excited about the company’s future, as well as what we can offer our community and tech professionals in El Salvador.”

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