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4 IT Outsourcing Examples of Companies that Achieved Success

February 12, 2024


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Companies used to be trapped in a relentless cycle of overburdened IT departments, skyrocketing costs, and an exhausting struggle to keep up with the relentless pace of technological advancement. 

The in-house teams, stretched thin and bogged down by the sheer volume of tasks, often found themselves firefighting day-to-day issues rather than focusing on strategic growth initiatives.

The financial strain of hiring specialized staff for every new technology or project was unsustainable, leading to an oppressive environment where innovation was smothered under operational inefficiencies. Until IT outsourcing emerged as a strategic tool for businesses seeking to enhance their technological capabilities, optimize costs, and focus on core competencies.

Keep reading to learn about IT outsourcing and how companies have leveraged it to their advantage.

What Is IT Outsourcing?

IT outsourcing involves delegating IT-related tasks, operations, or services to external providers. It allows businesses to leverage specialized expertise, reduce operational costs, and focus on core business functions.

The Basics of The Different IT Outsourcing Models

There are various IT outsourcing models companies can adopt based on their needs. Understanding the most popular models available is crucial to guiding businesses to their desired outcomes, each tailored to suit varying project scopes, budget constraints, and strategic objectives.

Staff augmentation

This model temporarily expands your in-house team with external IT professionals to fill skill gaps or boost capacity. Ideal for short-term projects or to enhance your team’s capabilities, staff augmentation offers flexibility and control, allowing you to manage the augmented team as part of your existing workforce.

Project-based outsourcing 

This model applies when companies outsource an entire project to a third-party service provider from inception to completion. It’s perfect for businesses with well-defined projects lacking in-house resources or expertise. The outsourcing partner takes full responsibility for project delivery.

Managed IT services 

This model involves handing over the helm of specific IT functions or services to an external provider. Managed IT services can cover many business processes, from network management and cybersecurity to cloud services and support desks. It’s suited for businesses seeking long-term partnerships and continuous service improvement.

Dedicated development team

This is the equivalent of having a dedicated crew for your vessel, where an outsourcing provider forms a team exclusively for your long-term software development projects. This model offers excellent integration with your in-house team, providing scalability and flexibility in business operations. It’s ideal for ongoing projects with evolving requirements.

What Industries Could Benefit from IT Outsourcing Services?

Most industries can harness IT outsourcing for benefits such as cost reduction, access to global talent, and technological advancements. Particularly, sectors like finance, healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, and tech startups find significant value in outsourcing IT services.

Discover How IT Outsourcing Transformed These Companies!

IT outsourcing is a well-kept secret behind the scenes for many household names. The adoption of IT outsourcing is widespread, yet the stories of these successful outsourcing examples remain largely untold.

Here are four outsourcing success stories of companies that, according to Startup Grind, have built software by adding outsourcing companies to their business strategy:


Scott Chacon, who met GitHub’s CEO and co-founder, Chris Wanstrath, at a Ruby event in San Francisco prior to becoming the CIO, had a significant impact on the company’s development into a crucial platform for programmers.

With his rare expertise in Git, Chacon was initially brought on board as a consultant. His contributions were crucial, especially in developing Gist’s backend, a feature that allows for code snippet sharing within GitHub. His insight into Git was instrumental in shaping the platform’s success.


Slack, now a household name in corporate communication, transformed its user interface and brand identity with the help of an external design agency, MetaLab. They revamped Slack’s website, application, and logo, setting the visual tone for the brand users have come to recognize.

MetaLab’s involvement elevated Slack and set a benchmark in design that numerous companies aspire to replicate, as reflected in their work for other high-profile clients like Brit + Co, Medallia, and Coinbase.


UpWork’s emergence as a leading platform for freelance talent is a testament to the power of its model. Born from the merger of ODesk and Elance, UpWork’s foundation and growth have been supported by a freelance workforce.

Stephane Kasriel, the CEO, highlighted that out of their product and engineering teams, a significant majority were sourced through their platform, showcasing the efficacy and reliability of their marketplace.


Alibaba’s ascent to becoming a dominant force in the global e-commerce landscape began with a strategic decision to outsource its development work to a firm in the United States. This move, detailed in the book about Alibaba’s origins, was driven by the need for advanced development capabilities that were scarce domestically but abundant in the U.S.

This strategy allowed Alibaba to navigate the limitations of the Chinese internet and position itself as a formidable competitor against e-commerce giants like eBay.

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Key Takeaways That You Could Implement

The remarkable transformations witnessed by the industry giants above highlight the versatility of outsourcing in addressing specific business challenges and its role as a catalyst for innovation and growth. By dissecting the essence of these narratives, we can distill actionable insights that businesses can adapt and implement in their outsourcing endeavors.

Here are four key takeaways from these examples of outsourcing success:

  1. Leverage specialized expertise: Just as GitHub tapped into Scott Chacon’s Git expertise, identify and engage with specialists who can fill critical knowledge gaps in your team.
  2. Embrace the freelance economy: UpWork’s reliance on a predominantly freelance workforce for its product and engineering tasks showcases the efficacy of tapping into the freelance market for scalable and flexible talent solutions.
  3. Global talent acquisition for competitive edge: Alibaba’s strategic move to outsource its development to the U.S. emphasizes the importance of global talent acquisition for technological advancement and staying ahead in competitive markets.
  4. Strategic partnerships for growth: Each story exemplifies how strategic partnerships with outsourcing firms or freelancers can drive significant business growth, innovation, and operational efficiency.

Why Outsource Your IT Services?

From startups to global enterprises, the decision to outsource IT functions is driven by the promise of numerous benefits. Understanding these advantages can help organizations make informed choices about IT outsourcing to meet their objectives.

Here are some of the main benefits of outsourcing IT services:

Cost efficiency

Outsourcing can significantly reduce operational and capital expenses by eliminating the need for in-house IT infrastructure and reducing labor costs associated with hiring and training IT staff. This allows businesses to allocate resources more strategically to areas that drive growth.

Access to specialized skills

External IT providers offer access to a global pool of specialized talent, ensuring businesses can tap into the latest skills and expertise without the overhead of full-time employees. This is particularly valuable for niche technologies or complex projects.

Scalability and flexibility

IT outsourcing offers the flexibility to scale services up or down based on business needs, allowing companies to respond quickly to market changes or seasonal demands without the burden of adjusting in-house capacity.

Risk management and compliance

IT service providers are equipped to manage various risks associated with data security, compliance, and operational continuity. Their expertise in regulatory standards and best practices can help businesses navigate complex IT landscapes safely.

Improved service quality

Professional IT outsourcing firms are committed to delivering high-quality services as part of their business model. This commitment is often backed by service level agreements (SLAs), ensuring that businesses receive reliable and consistent IT support that meets or exceeds their expectations.

Choosing the Right IT Outsourcing Company

Horror stories abound of businesses ensnared by inept service providers, resulting in financial losses, tarnished reputations, and operational nightmares. From botched projects and missed deadlines to security breaches and communication breakdowns, the consequences of a poor choice can be severe and far-reaching when it comes to business development.

The search for the right IT outsourcing company should be approached with the same rigor and diligence as any significant business decision. Cutting corners or basing your choice solely to reduce costs can lead to various problems. Instead, focus on finding a partner that aligns with your goals, values, and operational needs, ensuring a collaboration that drives success rather than discord.

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