5 Best Remote Collaboration Tools For Your Development Team

remote collaboration tools

When working across large distances, it is essential to have a place where open and easy collaboration can occur. Since this can’t be done in one boardroom with remote teams, online solutions have begun popping up left and right. Remote collaboration tools are the best way to keep your team on the same page and still have that brainstorming feeling.

The issue with this is that there are so many good options, it can be hard to find one remote collaboration tool that fits your needs. Luckily, we here at Willdom know a thing or two about remote teams, and we can point you in the right direction. Below are five of our favorite remote tools, listed in no particular order. Each of these has a lot to offer and can greatly increase your company’s production and teamwork. Let’s begin…

1. OnBoard

With the movement away from live offices came the loss of a great teamwork tool: the board meeting. Onboard makes it onto this list of remote collaboration tools by bringing back the ability to present to the board and get immediate feedback.

By integrating with Zoom, Google Drive, Microsoft 365 and so many other programs, you can present, discuss and share your ideas live with your peers. There is even a function to keep and edit minutes as well as an onboard chat. This way your notes won’t be lost in an email or a forgotten sticky pad. 

2. BlueScape

For creative teams looking to brainstorm a new design, BlueScape just may be your new bread and butter. This program acts as a digital whiteboard, allowing you to draw and import images that are shared live throughout the meeting. With integrated voice and video, your team members can immediately contribute and critique alongside you.

The program is also a huge name in the remote collaboration tools industry because of its image bank based on Google Images and Unsplash. You can directly pull images from either or both to add to your screen and use it to spur on the next big idea. 

We understand that there are a ton of options for remote collaboration tools. Because this is our specialty, we want to do all we can to help. Whether it is setting up a system or building a team from scratch, Willdom has the resources you need. To learn more about remote collaboration tools and just what we can do for you, feel free to contact us. On our website, you can learn about our team and sign up for a consultation to learn even more.  

3. Asana

If keeping track of who is working on what is your main priority, then we recommend Asana. You can use it to keenly track projects and manage their progress all from one screen. Each user is given a task that they can update progress on. 

You can also comment on, like, and share each project to keep all of the communication in one place. Asana does what other remote collaboration tools don’t and integrates with email programs. This will make sure that communication and the flow of ideas are never stopped by borders or oceans. 

Pricing for this tool is also very fair with a low barrier of entry to learn the program. Like other programs, there is a free option, but it does cut into what you can track and how many team members can be present. 

4. Wrike

For marketers who have to cross-communicate and organize mountains of papers from other offices, Wrike simplifies and streamlines the process online. You will never lose an important note of a great idea again with pineapple pages. Nor will you lose track of your place in a project with fully customizable pages.

The customization and allowance for personal workspace make Wrike very similar to a writer’s desk. You can put important things exactly where you need them to be and switch between windows with ease. The program supports kanban boards, Gannt charts, calendars, visual prompts and so much more.

Everything you would need to have on hand can now be shared and passed between members easily and efficiently over this excellent remote collaboration tool. By integrating with common messaging and video-chat programs, you can even use it as a team and keep the ideas flowing.

5. Creately

The structure can sometimes inhibit collaboration. On the contrary, physical meeting spaces were a great place to encourage collaboration. But now with Creately, you can capture that feeling again over the screen. 

By using Creately, you open the ability to use a data-first canvas on your meeting that has no limitations on what you use it for. If you want to display tasks in one corner and have sales data in the middle you can. Want to draw out a basic schematic and keep a tally of marketable names on the side? You can do that too.  

The best part is that there is no coding knowledge needed to pull any of this off and you can use it with little training needed. Simply pay at a very small fee to access the program and get your meeting flying. It of course also integrates with several highly useful programs to keep you in peak performance at all times. 

If you need any help with these remote collaboration tools, feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn or contact us on our website.

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