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Tech Terminal Episode 7 – How to Solve Agile Development Misconceptions Pt. 2

July 13, 2023
Tech Terminal

Continuing the discussion from tech terminal episode 6, Chris Cox and Rodrigo Parra show us how a healthy, sustainable relationship can be constructed between developers and business teams through the product owner, aka the middle person. Sharing strategic exercises to implement along the project’s roadmap, they give insightful methods of setting realistic expectations as they also continue to debunk the misconceptions of agile development along the way.

Episode Summary:

Following up from last podcast where we discussed misconceptions and commonly encountered issues faced from teams who are newly initiating agile development, this episode hosted by Chris Cox and special guest Rodrigo Parra is a continuation where they touch upon the ideal roadmap of the process with a few real world experiences our host and guest have faced throughout their careers. 

With a business outlook on agile, Chris views the process as a product owner who represents the best interest of the stakeholders. His role as middleman between businesses and the developers requires a level of experience and in-depth understanding to balance the expectations from both parties. Chris shares a few exercises he finds helpful for the product owner to nurture a healthy relationship between the business and the technical team.

Contributing early on to this relationship building process, technical experts like Rodrigo bring a technical perspective to product owners like Chris throughout the process. Interestingly enough, he is both a solutions architect and the managing director at the Paraguay branch of WillDom, so he has a deep understanding of the process rooting back to the initial stages of an agile project. 

Rodrigo also shares how the developing team has the complex task of estimating the difficulty level of the project to set accurate timeline expectations while considering the business value proposed by the leadership team to map out the project, making it clear that the exercises proposed by Chris set a strong base for the relationship between business and developer groups. And based on this, priorities can be set which then helps the middle person (product owner) reflect those in the backlog.

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