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Tech Terminal, Episode 7: How to Solve Agile Development Misconceptions Pt. 2

July 13, 2023


TECH Terminal EP 07: How to Solve Agile Development Misconceptions Pt. 2

Continuing the Tech Terminal Episode 6 discussion, Chris Cox and Rodrigo Parra show us how a healthy, sustainable relationship can be constructed between developers and business teams through the product owner, aka the middle person.

Sharing strategic exercises to implement along the project’s roadmap, they give insightful methods of setting realistic expectations and continue to debunk the misconceptions of agile development.

An Overview of Tech Terminal, Episode 7

On the last podcast, we discussed misconceptions and commonly encountered issues faced by newly initiating agile development teams.

This episode, hosted by Chris Cox and special guest Rodrigo Parra, is a continuation where they touch upon the ideal roadmap of the process. They also share a few real-world experiences our hosts and guests have faced throughout their careers.

Business perspective on Agile by Chris

Chris provides a unique business outlook on the agile process, positioning himself as a product owner who champions stakeholders’ interests. His crucial role serves as a bridge between the business world and the development team, demanding substantial expertise and a profound understanding to harmonize expectations from both ends.

From a business standpoint, Chris’s insights into the agile methodology highlight the importance of communication and alignment between diverse teams to ensure project success.

Relationship-building exercises for product owners

Chris emphasizes the significance of cultivating a positive and productive relationship between the business sector and the technical team in his discourse. He outlines several exercises designed for product owners to foster this essential connection.

These practices aim to enhance collaboration, understanding, and trust, which are fundamental for successfully executing agile projects and achieving mutual goals.

Technical insights from Rodrigo

Rodrigo, bringing a technical lens to the discussion, underscores the critical role of technical experts in guiding product owners like Chris throughout the agile process. His dual role as a solutions architect and the managing director at WillDom’s Paraguay branch provides him with a comprehensive view of the agile project lifecycle, from its inception to execution.

Rodrigo’s technical background allows him to offer valuable perspectives on the complexities of project estimation and the strategic planning necessary to align technical efforts with business objectives.

Estimation and project mapping challenges

Delving deeper into the technical aspects, Rodrigo discusses the intricate task faced by the development team in estimating project difficulty levels and setting realistic timelines. He emphasizes how crucial it is to accurately map out the project’s scope and objectives in light of the business value that the leadership team has outlined.

This process is crucial for establishing a clear and achievable roadmap that resonates with the business and technical teams.

Setting priorities and reflecting them in the backlog

Rodrigo acknowledges the foundational role of Chris’s relationship-building exercises in establishing a solid rapport between the business and developer groups. He explains how these exercises facilitate the setting of project priorities, which in turn assists the product owner in accurately reflecting these priorities within the project backlog.

This alignment is critical to ensuring that the development efforts consistently deliver maximum business value and meet stakeholder expectations.

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