Tech Terminal, Episode 4: Workation: The Emerging Trend in Remote Work


Employees are beginning to adapt to a better work/life balance as employers are offering more flexible work-from-home options. There’s an emerging trend in Latin America that is slowly but surely making its way to the US indicating employees will begin taking advantage of working outside of their homes to travel while not having to take any vacation days. 

This isn’t to say that employees are taking advantage of these new policies to slack off at work, but to not be limited by their geographical location to get work done – and then when the work day is done, they can go out and explore and experience more of the world. 

For WillDom employees, this is much easier to do than for other companies, given its numerous locations across Latin America. Employees are able to either work remotely (as they mostly do) or work from offices located in Paraguay, Argentina, El Salvador, Bolivia, and Ecuador.

In this fourth episode of WillDom’s Tech Terminal, we feature two company team members – Gabriela Gaona, a Software Engineer from Willdom Paraguay and Gonzalo Taretto, a Talent Team member from WillDom Buenos Aires. 

Gabriela took a month-long workation trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina – and shares critical tips and tricks to Gonzalo who is planning his own workation in the near future. 

Here’s just a sample of some of the noteworthy pieces of advice shared in the podcast:

  • Workation still has the word “work” in it: Workation is as intense as remote work. Don’t think otherwise. So, it’s really important to plan ahead for your work and meetings during the day so you can be free early in the afternoon to get the chance to know more about what the city can offer you.
  • The “life” part of work/life balance is equally important: It is critical to choose the right neighborhood to stay in according to your tastes and needs like: cultural activities, nights out, bars, restaurants and so on. Also, how easy it is to get from where you are staying to the office. 
  • Be conscious of different charging standards: For people who work a lot with the computer, be aware of the type of power adapters needed in the countries where you travel.

Learn more about the emerging trend of workation and some of the best practical advice if you decide to travel. Tune in to the new episode of Tech Terminal and follow us on Spotify.

Tech Terminal, Episode 4: Workation: The Emerging Trend in Remote Work

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