Top 10 Blockchain Developer Jobs in the USA

blockchain developer jobs

In recent years, Blockchain Developer Jobs have become a very attractive career proposition for people in the IT world, as they tend to be very profitable positions in terms of pay. Each one is different, depending on the area or industry in which it will specialize.

The 10 most in-demand jobs in the area of blockchain development

The Blockchain Developer Jobs are work proposals in constant evolution and revolution of the way in which the digital world manages data and does business.

All this has generated many businesses and government sectors to start using this technology and have the need for professionals with skills in the field of software development and programming. 

This happens especially in the remote Blockchain Developer Jobs, which are in high demand by the sector, therefore the prospects for finding employment are very good. According to Stack Overflow, the employment rate of a programmer is almost 90%. 74% are employed full-time, while 9.8% are freelancers and 5.1% are part-time employees. Get to know the 10 most in-demand:

  1. Senior software engineer, cryptocurrency.
  2. Cryptocurrency Analyst. 
  3. Cryptocurrency Developer.
  4. DevOps Engineer – Bitcoin Enthusiast.
  5. Analyst (Cryptocurrency).
  6. Cryptocurrency Trader.
  7. Project Manager – CryptoCurrency.
  8. Product Manager – Cryptocurrency.
  9. Certified Cryptocurrency Specialist Positions – Direct Sales.
  10. Cryptocurrency Mining Technician.

This career has great growth exponentially and, without a doubt, studying the skills needed to become a Blockchain Developer is a great bet for the future. 

Technical skills a blockchain developer should have 

Understanding of Blockchain Architecture

These professionals must understand what blockchain is and the advanced security of them, its application, integration, and the advantages and limitations as well as challenges it presents.

Blockchain developers must understand the concept of blockchain consensus, hash functions and distributed log technology (DLT) and the different blockchains and how they work – Ethereum, Bitcoin, Neo and Hyperledger being the most important.

Structures and databases

The developer will configure the blockchain network according to the requirements and, therefore, among his skills will be to define the data structures that will shape the blockchain. To this structure, meta-information related to the previous block in the chain is added following a timeline.

Development of smart contracts

The developer must know how to develop the types of “smart contracts”. This concept refers to a contract that executes itself without third-party intervention and is written as a computer program instead of using a printed document with legal language.

Cryptography and cryptomania

The developer must understand what cryptography is, how to use algorithms and how to develop them or know what the cryptographic principles are. Cryptography is based on mathematical functions and allows the creation of digital secrets and unforgeable digital signatures. 

Courses for blockchain developers teach mathematical frameworks for modeling Cryptonomics, conflicts involved in modeling, factors affecting Cryptonomics or related monetary policies. All this knowledge will be key for a developer in this field.

Computer Coding

Computer programming is essential for the development of advanced and effective decentralized applications or apps, and most blockchain developers start by learning a programming or coding language and then use it to specialize in blockchain development. 

The main languages for blockchain development are: C++, C#, Java, Python, Simplicity and Solidity and the main blockchain platforms for development activities are: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Ripple, Spark Solidity, Stellar, Neo and EOS.

Advantages of becoming a blockchain developer

High demand

It is a cutting-edge technology and has huge growth potential. An analysis by the company Monst revealed that the supply of positions with the words cryptocurrencies, blockchain or bitcoin grew by almost 200% from 2017 to 2018.

In 2020, LinkedIn published that blockchain was the most desired skill by companies when looking for new applicants for jobs. The prospects are getting higher and higher as many companies are looking to implement this technology in the future.

Good salary

In the US, depending on the job, applications for blockchain-related positions include salaries between $60,000 and $200,000. In Spain, the average salary for a developer is between 30,000 and 60,000 euros per year. Consultants with more experience and responsibility can receive a salary that averages around 40,000 euros.

Which other major sectors are looking for these professionals?


This group includes independent companies that are just taking their first steps in the cryptocurrency sector. A site for finding jobs in startups, AngelList, lists more than 1,900 jobs in companies that have raised in total almost $9 billion through methods such as ICOs.

These companies are run by cryptocurrency and blockchain experts and businessmen who have discovered how important the technology will be in the future and have taken the plunge into entrepreneurship. Thus, platforms such as Augur, Monero or Qtum have been created, as well as exchanges such as Bittrex, Kraken and Binance.

Traditional companies 

Within this group we find large banks, accounting firms and even law firms that have existed for many years. For this reason, they cannot be left alone and jumping on the bandwagon of a new technology is very important, as happened with the Internet.

Technology companies 

Technology companies may be the most affected by a revolution like blockchain, as their services could soon become obsolete if they do not evolve. Here we find giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook, where their greatest power lies in the centralization of the services they offer.

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