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What Is RFP for Software Development?

July 5, 2023


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As a business owner, you probably have a lot of responsibilities and requests you have to handle every day. Handcrafting and managing each one is a struggle that can eat away at your time. Luckily, RFP software was made to help in just these kinds of situations. 

Keep reading to learn what RFP software can do for you and which ones are available now.

What Does RFP Software Do?

RFP software, unlike other project management tools, is made to be a helper and manager for all things you may request. Request for Proposal (or RFP, for short) software primarily helps business owners like yourself. They can generate request forms, proposals, and many other sendables you use daily.

Here is a breakdown of what a typical Request for Proposal program can do for you:

Integrate with and assist your CRM

Request for Proposal programs make an excellent plug-in for CRMs as they can create, send, and manage the responses to your requests. Most CRMs act more like an extended email service, and this expands even more on what they can do.

Create proposals and requests from easy templates 

You no longer have to spend time drawing up each proposal or editing your templates. Request for Proposal services can do this for you and make sure what you send out is just what you need.

Help track your current request statuses

These programs can also keep track of each software development project request status to ensure you never miss a chance and can follow up with slower clients.

Finalize and sign all in one place

Lastly, this software allows your clients to sign the requests you send and immediately have that as a viewable change. This expedites finalization and keeps your business moving as fast as needed.

What Differentiates an RFP from a CRM

An RFP is a document and process used to solicit bids from potential vendors for a specific project or service, focusing on procurement and project initiation. It outlines a project overview, expectations, and evaluation criteria for software vendor selection to secure the best fit for a particular project.

In contrast, a CRM system is a software tool designed to manage a company’s interactions with current and potential customers. It organizes, automates, and synchronizes sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

While Request for Proposal software is project-specific and transactional, a CRM is an ongoing tool for managing relationships and data associated with customers.

WillDom can help you understand how to work with an RFP document and other project management requirements.

The Benefits of RFP Software

This software, as a digital solution, transcends traditional methods and offers various benefits. By harnessing these benefits, organizations can transform their proposal process into a more effective, transparent, and equitable procedure.

Here are three of the main benefits this software offers software development companies:

#1. Efficiency in process management

The software automates many aspects of process management, from creating templates to distributing documents. This automation greatly reduces the time and effort usually needed, allowing teams to concentrate on more strategic parts of their projects.

#2. Data-driven decision-making

With built-in analytics and reporting capabilities, this software offers insights into the RFP process that can guide decision-making. Organizations can analyze proposal responses, vendor performance, and team feedback to make informed choices.

#3. Standardization and compliance

All proposals should be evaluated against the same criteria for fairness and objectivity. RFP software facilitates this by standardizing the evaluation process. A software RFP template and scoring system can be customized to reflect the organization’s specific requirements, ensuring that each proposal is assessed on a level playing field.

Key Components of an RFP Software

A well-structured RFP for software development encompasses several vital components to ensure all project aspects are communicated to potential vendors. These components include:

Executive summary: An overview of the project, including the company background and the high-level objectives of the software development initiative.

Project scope and objectives: Detailed information about the project’s goals, deliverables, and the problem the software intends to solve.

Technical requirements: Specific technicalities include programming languages, platforms, integrations, and data migration considerations.

Budget and timeline: Clear outlines of the project budget and expected timeline, including milestones and deadlines.

Vendor qualifications: Criteria for selecting a vendor such as experience, expertise in similar software development projects, and financial stability.

Proposal submission guidelines: Instructions for submitting proposals, including formats, deadlines, and contact information.

Evaluation criteria: The metrics and process by which proposals will be evaluated and the final selection decision made.

Available RPF Software Options

Below, we present four leading tools currently available in the market. These are selected for their notable features and capabilities, and while they are listed without any specific order, each stands out in its own right. These software solutions are known for their unique specifications and optimizations, and they actively compete in the market to offer the best functionalities to users.


With several plans available, they can get any business, from solopreneur to global enterprise, running smoothly. They prioritize having a team of 10 people available to work at once, an extensive library, and guaranteed uptime for your office.


The brand standard for many popular and famous corporations uses RFP programs. It has every handy tool built into the program and can do wonders for your outreach. If you want a program that integrates into nearly every platform, is used worldwide, and even comes with AI support, this is your option.


This product was made to simplify and centralize the Request for Proposal experience for owners and customers. They focus on automation and workflow streams, so you must do less to get the desired results. This is the choice for those who want a lightweight system for internal purposes.


This last option on our list is not only made for requests but is an entire sales and stock management system. Not only can you generate requests for your customers to interact with, but you can also see how that affects your sales immediately. With everything all in one place, you can skip out on having 3-4 systems for your sales and just focus on Precoro.

WillDom is among the top software development vendors in the industry.

Willdom Can Help You Set up Your RFP Software

There is no true answer to which RFP is suitable for your business. However, the setup process for any of them demands a deep understanding of your procurement requirements and the software’s capabilities. If you want your software projects and software development process to turn out as expected, it’s critical to take time to find the right software development company to help you.

WillDom is a software development company that offers expert software development services. Our team is equipped to tailor the Request for Proposal software to your needs, ensuring a seamless, efficient, and effective process. We will handle the intricate setup details, from configuration and customization to training your team, allowing you to focus on the strategic aspects of your project.

Contact WillDom today for our software development team to ensure your software is optimized to deliver maximum value and meet project goals!

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