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What is RFP Software?

July 5, 2023
rfp software

As a business owner, you probably have a lot of responsibilities and requests you have to handle every day. Handcrafting and managing each one is a struggle that can eat away at your time. Luckily, RFP software was made to help just these kinds of situations. 

Today, we are going to go over what RFP software can do for you, and which ones are available right now. This list is in no particular order, but it should serve as a good guide to who is providing what kind of service. 

What Does RFP Software Do?

RFP software is made to be a helper and manager for all things you may request. Request for Proposal (or RFP for short) software helps business owners like yourself primarily. They can generate request forms, proposals, and many other sendable you use on a daily basis. This may sound very similar to a CRM, but it does have its distinctions. 

What differentiates an RFP from a CRM is that an RFP software can also provide templates for your requests, along with other tasks outside of sending and receiving. Here is a breakdown of what a typical RFP program can do for you.:

  1. Integrate with and assist your CRM: RFP programs make a great plug-in for CRMs as they can create, send and manage the responses to your requests. Most CRM’s act more like an extended email service, and this expands even more on what they can do.
  2. Create proposals and requests from easy templates: no longer do you have to spend time drawing up each proposal or editing your own templates. RFP services can do this for you and make sure what you send out is just what you need.
  3. Help track your current request statuses: these programs can also keep track of each request status to make sure you never miss a chance and can follow up with slower clients.
  4. Finalize and sign all in one place: lastly, RFP software also allows your clients to sign the requests you send and immediately have that as a viewable change. This expedites the finalization process and keeps your business moving as fast as you need it to.

Clearly, the benefits of RFP software are huge. It is like having an automated assistant just for some of the most annoying parts of any business. With the right RFP, you can even take your business to the next level and free up your staff to do more important tasks. 

If you need help setting up your RFP software, then feel free to visit WillDom and get in contact with our team of professionals. We have team members ready to help you with qualifications to match the industry’s best, and experience from the world over. Click the link above to learn more about what we do and sign up for a consultation!  

But which RFP is right for you? Let’s find out!

Which RFP Software Are Available?

The four we have chosen to mention below, in no particular order, are some of the top examples within the market. Each one has its own specifications and optimizations, but they compete together daily. 

  1. Loopio: with several plans available, they can get any business from solopreneur to global enterprise running smoothly. They prioritize having a team of 10 people available to work at once, a large library, and guaranteed uptime for your office.
  2. RFPIO: the brand standard for RFP programs used by many popular and world-famous famous corporations. It has every handy tool you can imagine built into the program and can do wonders for your outreach. If you want a program that integrates into nearly every platform, is used worldwide, and even comes with AI support, this is the option for you.
  3. RFP360: this product was made to simplify and centralize the RFP experience for owners and customers. They focus on automation and workflow streams so that you have to do less to get the results you want. This is the choice for those who want a lightweight system for internal purposes.
  4. Precoro: the last RFP system on our list is not only made for requests but is an entire sales and stock management system. Not only can you generate requests for your customers to interact with, but you can also see how that affects your sales immediately. With everything all in one place, you can to skip out on having 3-4 systems for your sales and just focus on Precoro. 

To sum it all up

There are a ton of RFP systems to choose from. You can find much more than we have listed here and some that do many different things. There is no true answer to which RFP is right for your business, but it can be hard to go wrong with any we’ve shown you. 
Remember, if you need help with setting up your RFP, once you’ve made your choice, then feel free to sign up for a consultation with WillDom or on our LinkedIn. We can find just the right person to get your business ready to succeed with RFP systems and so much more!

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