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WillDom's Game-Changing Staff Augmentation for a Leading Gaming Company

Avantage Entertainment is a dynamic company poised to make its mark in the global iGaming industry. The team is dedicated to developing a portfolio of sophisticated, immersive, and enjoyable table and sports book pool-based casino games.
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WillDom’s team of experts eagerly embraced the challenge of bolstering the gaming company’s product development initiatives through innovative staff augmentation. The primary objective was to empower the client with unparalleled flexibility in handpicking the ideal IT resources, tailor-made for each development phase, thereby ensuring seamless project execution and remarkable outcomes.
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“Apart from their professionalism, WillDom’s attention to detail definitely stood out in our partnership. Their team always paid attention to clarity and specificity, and that was apparent in their deliverables.”
Andre Kostadinov.
CEO, Avantage Entertainment.


Avantage Entertainment was about to introduce a groundbreaking new product to the market. However, they faced the challenge of counting with limited resources for the development of their ambitious project. The company needed to find a way to augment their in-house team and secure the necessary expertise to turn their vision into reality.


Avantage Entertainment found a reliable partner in WillDom. The collaboration kicked off with discussions and brainstorming sessions to align both parties’ visions for the initial project. Recognizing the importance of having the right team in place, WillDom presented their innovative staffing model, offering a unique approach to meet the clients’ needs.

Key Strategies

Agile Resource Management

The gaming industry’s landscape is ever-evolving, demanding adaptability. WillDom’s team remained agile and responsive, adjusting resource allocation in real-time as the project’s demands evolved. This dynamic resource management approach maximized efficiency and minimized any potential bottlenecks.

Seamless Integration and Synergy

Integrating external talent can be a complex endeavor, but WillDom’s commitment to seamless onboarding and fostering open communication channels ensured an effective collaboration between their IT experts and the gaming company’s in-house team.

Results and


WillDom’s professionalism was evident throughout the project, as they effortlessly catered to the client’s evolving needs and exceeded expectations with their well-coded and bug-free software. Their commitment to meeting timelines and attention to every detail played a pivotal role in ensuring the project’s seamless completion.

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In Conclusion:

The partnership between Avantage Entertainment and WillDom was nothing short of transformative. By revolutionizing talent acquisition, optimizing productivity, and fostering innovation, WillDom played a pivotal role in elevating Avantage Entertainment’s position as a trailblazer in the dynamic world of gaming.

If your organization seeks to transform and thrive in the digital era, WillDom is the strategic partner that can drive your success.


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