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Building a Game-Changing SPA with WillDom

GoDaddy is a leading technology company specializing in web hosting, domain registration, and online solutions for businesses and individuals worldwide. With millions of customers and a vast network of domain names under management, GoDaddy continues to lead the way in providing reliable, affordable, and innovative online solutions to help customers succeed in the digital landscape.
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WillDom had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with GoDaddy as part of the core team responsible for creating a cutting-edge Single-Page Application (SPA) for their proprietary website builder. GoDaddy’s vision was to revolutionize their platform with a user-friendly and highly efficient website building experience for their customers.
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“The WillDom engineers we worked with were amazing. They had the perfect culture and were ready to hit the ground running with us.”
Antonio Silveira.
Head of Engineering, GoDaddy.


GoDaddy presented a unique challenge – to design and develop a SPA that not only offered an unparalleled user experience but also integrated seamlessly with their existing platform. The new website builder had to be intuitive, responsive, and capable of handling complex operations while simplifying the website creation process for users of all skill levels.


To address GoDaddy’s challenge, WillDom assembled a team of two highly skilled Full Stack developers. These dedicated professionals worked both remotely and on-site, ensuring effective communication and seamless coordination throughout the development process.


Leveraging the latest technologies and best practices, the team opted for a tech stack that included:

Results and

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Feedback Summary:

The primary goal of the project was to create a user-friendly and efficient website builder, and the feedback from beta testers and users was overwhelmingly positive. The intuitive design and smooth interface allowed users of multiple skill levels to create stunning websites with ease.

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In Conclusion:

Working closely with GoDaddy’s core team, WillDom was able to transform a vision into a reality – a user-friendly and efficient website builder that redefined the website creation experience for millions of users. The dedication and expertise of the contractors, along with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, paved the way for the SPA’s resounding success.

If you’re ready to work with a team that is passionate about turning visions into reality and delivering outstanding results, we invite you to partner with WillDom.


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