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How WillDom Revolutionized Protranslating's Business Model

Protranslating is a leading language service provider, translating over 150 million words annually in 200+ languages. With a team of 500 professionals, they offer a full range of services, utilizing advanced technology and maintaining rigorous quality procedures.


Protranslating partnered with WillDom to embrace a technology-centered business model. Two senior full-stack developers led the transformation, simplifying tech challenges, creating a comprehensive web app, and managing a remote team. Utilizing MongoDB, Node.js, and Vue.js, the collaboration empowered Protranslating as an industry innovator.


Founded in 1973 as a traditional translation services company, Protranslating decided to embark on a paradigm shift and transform into a technology-centered business model.


To overcome these challenges, Protranslating enlisted the support of WillDom’s two senior full-stack developers. With a deep understanding of the company’s vision, these professionals embarked on reimagining and reshaping the business model from the ground up.


Team Leadership and Management

Playing a pivotal role in leading and managing the development team.

Software Development

Building the web application from the ground up, tailored to Protranslating's unique needs.

Information Architecture

Ensuring a solid foundation for the web application's structure and organization.

Design and Development of Automated Test Suite

Implementing an end-to-end automated test suite to ensure the application's reliability and efficiency.


WillDom leveraged cutting-edge technologies to craft a robust and scalable web application. Some of the technologies utilized in the project include: MongoDB, Node.js y Vue.js.

Our Tech Stack

Results and

Protranslating successfully transitioned into a technology-centered business model

The web application streamlined translation project management and assessment

Improvement of overall efficiency and customer satisfaction

Feedback Summary:

Protranslating praised WillDom’s senior full-stack developers for their seamless integration and hands-on approach. They effectively simplified technological challenges and aligned with the company’s vision to reshape the business model. WillDom’s support, responsiveness, and expertise in managing a remote team were instrumental in Protranslating’s successful digital transformation journey, positioning them as an industry leader.

Trusted by 120+ clients

In Conclusion:

Protranslating’s success story with WillDom serves as a testament to the power of collaboration in navigating complex transformations. By leveraging WillDom’s experienced developers and cutting-edge technologies, Protranslating redefined its business model and emerged as a technology-driven force in the translation services sector.

If your organization seeks to transform and thrive in the digital era, WillDom is the strategic partner that can drive your success.


Check how WillDom reshaped Protranslating and learn about our five-star service, quality, cost, and more.

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