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TV App Development for Seamless Streaming Experience

Pluto TV, a prominent streaming television service owned by ViacomCBS, aimed to expand its user base and deliver its content to a broader audience through smart TV platforms. To achieve this goal, Pluto TV partnered with WillDom, a reputable software development company renowned for its expertise in creating high-quality TV applications.
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Pluto TV faced several challenges in developing a TV app to offer a seamless streaming experience on large screens:

Diverse Platforms:

The app needed to be developed for various smart TV platforms, each with unique technical requirements and user interface guidelines.

Optimized User Experience:

Ensuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allowed viewers to navigate and access content effortlessly on TV screens was crucial.

Content Discovery:

The app required an effective content discovery mechanism to help viewers easily explore Pluto TV's extensive range of channels and on-demand offerings.


WillDom collaborated closely with Pluto TV to develop a TV app that met the specific needs of smart TV platforms:

Platform-Specific Development:

WillDom's development teams expertly helped to create versions of the app for Roku, a popular smart TV platform. The version was optimized to provide a consistent and engaging experience on the respective platform.

User-Centric Design:

The TV app's interface was thoughtfully designed to provide viewers with a straightforward and visually appealing wayto navigate channels, genres, and on-demand content.

Content Catalog Integration:

WillDom helped to integrate Pluto TV's extensive content library into the app, allowing viewers to seamlessly access live channels, movies, shows, and other on-demand offerings.

User Authentication:

The app featured user authentication capabilities, enabling users to log in to their Pluto TV accounts, personalize their content preferences, and resume viewing across devices.

Performance Optimization:

WillDom optimized the app's performance to ensure smooth streaming, quick content loading, and minimal buffering, deliveringa high-quality streaming experience onTV screens.

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The partnership between R/GA and WillDom led to notable outcomes:
The TV app allowed Pluto TV to extend its services to smart TV platforms, broadening its user base and enhancing its market presence.
The user-friendly interface and optimized app performance contributed to increased user engagement and prolonged viewing sessions.
The app’s intuitive navigation and content discovery mechanisms empowered viewers to explore Pluto TV’s diverse content offerings effortlessly.
The TV app received positive feedback from users for its ease of use, attractive design, and smooth streaming experience on large screens.
The convenience of accessing Pluto TV’s content directly on smart TVs led to improved viewer retention and loyalty.
The TV app bolstered Pluto TV’s brand visibility by providing a dedicated and user-friendly presence on popular smart TV platforms.

In Conclusion:

The successful partnership between Pluto TV (ViacomCBS) and WillDom resulted in developing a feature-rich TV app that enabled Pluto TV to deliver its content to a broader audience through smart TV platforms. Through platform-specific development, user-centric design, and optimized performance, WillDom helped Pluto TV achieve its goal of providing a seamless streaming experience on TV screens, fostering increased user engagement and audience growth.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Paramount Global announced that Pluto TV had 78.5 million monthly active users worldwide, close to 15 million more than in the corresponding quarter a year earlier. Pluto TV is an ad-supported video streaming service that launched in the United States in 2014 and was acquired by ViacomCBS (now Paramount Global) in 2019.

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