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Driving Digital Transformation:
How WillDom Empowered Sancor Salud's Success

SanCor Salud Grupo de Medicina Privada is a comprehensive healthcare network that offers a wide range of services to enhance their customers well-being, including medical consultation, health plans, billing, authorization, and maternal-infant programs.
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The leading insurance services provider embarked on a transformative journey with WillDom’s software development support. WillDom’s involvement included defining roadmaps, organizational frameworks, and agile methodologies to revolutionize SanCor Salud’s operations.
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“They are an excellent company to work with. We’d definitely recommend them.”
Jorge Tercero.
CIO, SanCor Salud Grupo de Medicina Privada.


To keep pace with the evolving healthcare sector, SanCor Salud sought to change their work paradigm and embrace digital transformation. WillDom was engaged to facilitate this change, provide high-quality human resources, and drive strategic projects’ approach.


SanCor Salud selected WillDom based on their expertise in defining new organizational frameworks and implementing agile methodologies. Beyond providing key team roles, WillDom actively participated in project inception and product roadmap definitions for several digital transformation initiatives.

Results and


SanCor Salud and WillDom’s collaboration proved to be an absolute success. Together, they developed core applications that enabled SanCor Salud to extend its services to over 600,000 affiliates efficiently. The strategic and hands-on approach of WillDom’s team was instrumental in implementing process upgrades and propelling SanCor Salud towards its goals.

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WillDom emerged as a strategic partner in SanCor Salud’s digital transformation journey, which began over five years ago.

A team of 40 professionals from WillDom collaborated closely throughout the engagement.

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In Conclusion:

WillDom’s partnership with SanCor Salud exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving digital transformation and achieving remarkable outcomes. By embracing new methodologies, restructuring processes, and harnessing high-quality human resources, SanCor Salud reached new heights in serving its vast network of affiliates.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner to propel your organization’s transformation journey, WillDom is the perfect choice.


At WillDom, we reshape insurance services through software development, roadmaps, and agile frameworks

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