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Revolutionizing Cloud-Based App with WillDom's Expertise

Slik is an all-in-one performance management tool, as well as a rewards and engagement software that revolutionizes how teams thrive. It offers unparalleled flexibility, customization and user-friendliness, ensuring a truly rewarding experience for every team member.


WillDom’s expertise empowered Slik to upgrade their Cloud-based app efficiently. Tight budget and deadlines didn’t hinder the skilled developers from implementing Symfony 4.5 backend improvements and personalized frontend features.
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“We were just one call away from getting the people we needed.”
Javier Brignone.
Co-Founder, Slik.


Slik faced the challenge of upgrading their Cloud-based web app’s backend technology and frontend features within a tight budget and deadline. To overcome this, they enlisted WillDom’s assistance, relying on their expertise to efficiently implement the required improvements and software architecture enhancements.


WillDom assisted Slik in developing a personalized heat map for their platform by providing a software developer skilled in React and Redux for the frontend. Additionally, two backend developers from WillDom supported Slik in upgrading from Symfony 3 to Symfony 4.5, the framework used by their platform.

The team composition included three members from WillDom: one frontend developer and two backend developers.

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WillDom leveraged cutting-edge technologies like:

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Feedback Summary:

Slik was highly impressed with WillDom’s performance, as they swiftly presented three well-suited candidates for each project position, resulting in significant time savings and faster project delivery. WillDom’s remarkable responsiveness and adaptability to changes throughout the engagement were commendable. The flexible pricing approach based on candidates’ backgrounds was also a major advantage for Slik. It was evident that WillDom had access to a large pool of talented professionals, making them a reliable and valuable vendor for any development project.

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In Conclusion:

Slik’s partnership with WillDom yielded impressive results. The successful integration of a personalized heat map and efficient backend upgrade showcased WillDom’s expertise. Their responsiveness, flexibility, and access to diverse talent made them a valuable and reliable collaborator, setting the stage for future endeavors.

If your organization seeks to transform and thrive in the digital era, WillDom is the strategic partner that can drive your success.


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