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Digital transformation in healthcare

Leading the healthcare industry providing a care delivery platform.

Positioning itself as one of the leading companies in the healthcare industry, our client transforms the way healthcare is delivered providing organizations with the only platform they need to treat patients throughout their care journey.

The challenge

As a fast-growing company team of professionals, our customer has set it’s most significant challenges on it's primary users: Healthcare Professionals and Patients.

• The company expected to reach 20K users, which resulted in a need for increasing product capabilities.
• Improve information gathering .
• Improve mobile app services: video calls, devices, forms.
• Enhance UX and UI.
• Provide a fast response to current health problems.


WillDom software developers joined the customer's team to build new features. Our developers were responsible for a vast contribution to the client's teamwork effort. WillDom contributes to Backend, Frontend, Mobile, and QA.

Two user profiles improved their experience by using the app:

Health Professionals | Web app

• Assessment: helping provide a complete patient diagnosis.
• Monitoring: for chronic diseases, lab tests, etc.
• Appointments follow up.
• Responding to the current health problems with COVID-19, we developed a daily survey for professionals to assess how they were taking care of their health and monitor the chances of COVID-19 infection.
• Data recollection to get insights for product enhancement.
• Forms compliant with WebApp responsiveness standards.

Patients | Mobile app

• Developing graphics to reflect and examine the primary user's data: high blood pressure, pressure control, medication, regular monitoring, among others.
• Improve push notifications for users to help them follow the medical program set by their medical professionals.
• Video optimization: shift web connectivity without interrupting transmission. Prioritizing on each side:
    - for the doctor, to view the patient.
   - for the patient, to listen to the Professional.
• Create new forms to boost data collection for health programs and interactions.
• Visual Design improvements and mobile responsiveness re-design.

Tech stack:

• Mobile: Android, migrating from Java to Kotlin –following Google's guidelines and standards. A native solution, over a hybrid one, that boosted Bluetooth connectivity.
• Front End: React + Javascript.
• Back End: Python.
• DBA: PostgreSQL.

Currently, as of August 2020, with six developers as part of our customer team, we expect to keep adding value and be a critical factor in their business success.

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