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WillDom Grows Technical Talent Pool by More Than 75 Percent in 2020: to Support Clients’ Digital Transformation Efforts

July 12, 2023
Digital tranformation

Company Reports 76.3% Increase in Ecosystem to increase our capability.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL and BUENOS AIRES, AR – March 1, 2021 – WillDom, a rightsourcing leader in connecting growing organizations with top tech talent, today announced that its global talent pool of top software developers, engineers, and technologists grew by 76.3 percent in 2020 in different programming languages. The continual growth of its ecosystem will further its mission of providing clients with the best-in-class technologists to handle their most forward-looking, digital transformation efforts.

“We’re thrilled to see how our company has grown within the last year, and look forward to building on our efforts in attracting the best talent throughout 2021,” stated Martin Suarez-Viacava, co-founder and growth director at WillDom. “The growth of our talent pool is a testament to how we engage with our technologists by forming relationships and setting them up for success with clients based on their skill set. ”

WillDom supports more than 90 core and emerging programming languages and, in 2020, bolstered its capabilities in core technologies such as:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • .NET
  • Python

“WillDom’s DNA lends itself to remote work and services for clients, and that has become tremendously important given the events of the last year,” stated Mauricio Portillo, head of talent at WillDom. “As technology becomes even more of a driving force for organizations looking to expand its offerings and separate themselves from their competition, we’re proud to be relied upon to offer the best tech talent for whatever needs our clients to have.”

In late 2020, WillDom announced it reimagined its web presence to provide further information on its values, core services, and a more modern, relationship-based process for creating a symbiotic relationship between technologists, clients, and digital transformation. Read the press release here.

WillDom gathered this data from its proprietary, end-to-end WAVE platform, which seamlessly integrates talent acquisition, onboarding, client project management, and much more, all in one place to support the digital transformation of our valuable clients.

Learn more by visiting, or following us at Linkedin to get started today. 

About WillDom:

WillDom is a rightsourcing leader in connecting growing companies with top tech talent to support their innovative, digital transformation.
Learn more about becoming a WillDom branch by visiting, or follow us on Linkedin to get started today.
WillDom is a leader in enabling high-growth organizations to rightsource, strategize, and execute on their digital transformation initiatives. Through its proprietary end-to-end WAVE platform, WillDom utilizes its vast network of more than 5,000 best-in-class software developers, engineers, and technologists to provide organizations with software development that brings big ideas to life. If you need a partner for your digital journey or are looking to hire a full team, visit or follow us on LinkedIn today to access the power of the WillDom Ecosystem

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