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Central America’s Digital Transformation of Channels

The bank, with an extensive branch network spanning Central America, embarked on a project to elevate its credit evaluation and granting processes. The goal was to automate these processes within its branches, enabling real-time assessment capabilities.

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The objective was to automate procedures, ensuring real-time assessments while adhering to credit policies, and mitigating associated risks. The challenge involved overhauling the credit evaluation process to be accurate and comprehensive. This required integration with existing systems and a new process design aligned with credit policies.


The challenge lay in revolutionizing the credit evaluation process to be faster, more accurate, and more comprehensive while integrating with existing systems and procedures. The bank was in need of:

Process Redesign

A streamlined process redesign that prioritizes speed, accuracy, and alignment with existing systems and procedures.

Implementation Methods

Strategic implementation methods that align with the client’s core banking system, following industry best practices.


Specialized talent to enhance the design, ensuring clarity in workflow stages and defining functional specifications.


An adaptive transformation to keep pace with the dynamic financial landscape.

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Our collaborative solution involved a specialized team proficient in:

Visual Basic

Extensive Knowledge of
the Core Banking System
and the Financial Sector


WillDom's Differential:

Acting as a strategic partner, our ability to provide specialized talent improved credit processes. The comprehensive approach ensured perfect alignment with the bank’s objectives and regulatory requirements.

In Conclusion:

Our all-encompassing approach perfectly matched the bank’s goals and rules. This sets the stage for continuous improvement, making the bank a leader in credit services. By blending technology and efficient processes, the bank is well-prepared for the ever-changing financial landscape

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