3 reasons you should be talking about website UX

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Have you ever heard about UX? And how about UI? These days, user experience (UX) is taking over it all and there are good reasons for this to happen. When focusing on website UX, there exist a few things that any business should take into consideration if they want their site to be competitive in this tech era.

Not long ago, there were few companies that actually did focus on users’ needs when designing a website, but the mere existence of website UX has come to change this forever. Users’ experiences when interacting with a site are what we call UX. And it’s super crucial for it to be the best possible experience. Why? Read on.

Which is the difference between UX and UI? 

Even though UX designers and UI designers work together to create the best product, they don’t do exactly the same thing. For a successful website UX, both roles need to be in place.

User experience deals with understanding what’s the optimal experience that users should have with a website or an app.  When talking about a UX designer, we can refer to a visual or a conversational one. This means that it may be a role that is responsible for placing the precise words that a website requires in order to guide users. Or the role can be to determine where each element should be located, and how it should work.

They typically work hand in hand with UX research specialists, to come up with the best possible user experience.

UI designers are in charge of all aspects related to the design of a website or app. From the typographies to use, as well as the color theory and the different designs, to the animations that need to be applied. 

Benefits of applying UX to your website

There exist several perks of website UX:


Having UX experts designing the website together with the developers ensures that it will be extra user-friendly. 

When a site is complex and users can’t find the content they need, or it is confusing, they are much more likely to decide to abandon the navigation.

On the contrary, a good search bar that’s properly indexed, or a menu with understandable content, will make those people choose to visit the site again.

Functional interface

Hand in hand with the simplicity in the navigation of a website comes having a functional interface.

It has to be well-thought-out and properly executed so that it can be simply operated by users. 

Consistency must be maintained throughout the site. This coherence applies to both the look & feel and its functionality of it.

3 reasons why you should be applying UX to your site

  1. Relevant content

In UX, it’s said that content comes first and then comes design, based on user-centric content. 

This way, only relevant words will be found on your brand’s website. From how to use the product, to the necessary wording to push those visitors to buy, everything will be designed around the consumers and their needs.

Flawless content is critical to a great end-to-end user experience.

  1. Increased revenue

A site that focuses on what users require will make your business attract even more visitors. 

In fact, the same consumers who have already visited you will possibly decide to come back due to the clear and simple experience. This translates into more online conversions and, therefore, more money for the company.

  1. Better brand value 

There’s nothing more important to a business than creating loyalty among its users. This is achieved through excellent customer service, a good product to offer, and an easy-to-navigate and reliable website.

By offering customers a design focused on their needs, they will associate your brand or business with something that is user-friendly and, therefore, you will make them feel satisfied.

Examples of good UX

When thinking about the best UX websites, there are some that pop up quite quickly. Amongst them, we can find:


While not only a website, both their site and apps for computers, phones, or Smart TV are flawless in terms of UX design.

The elements are exactly where they should be placed for users to navigate quickly. The content has just the right amount of words so that users understand what they are about to choose, but don’t get tired of reading.

They give the viewers the freedom to pick what to do. Do you want to save it for later? You can. Want to watch a different episode? You can do that too.


If there is one site that keeps growing since it was created, that is Airbnb. This website dedicated to booking accommodations in several locations around the world has all it needs for users to decide over and over again.

Those who make this website have heard the needs of its users. This can be seen in the fact that they have added, for example, the possibility of booking experiences in addition to lodging.

Moreover, it’s simple to browse and find all you’re looking for. Plus, the look and feel are just beautiful.

If you would like to learn UX or hire the best professionals, get in touch with us. Feel free to visit us at our LinkedIn profile, or at Willdom.com.

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