Companies Outsourcing: How It Works In the Development Services

companies outsourcing

In the web and tech development field, outsourcing is a huge industry. There are offices all over the world that solely work on projects from other companies both near and far. This is so ubiquitous that it can sometimes be hard to find a company that does not use companies outsourcing.

So what is the purpose of outsourcing, and what are the benefits a business can reap? Today we will show you everything you need to know. 

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is having an outside company work on your behalf for your company’s needs. This can look very different though depending on the way you go about it. To start, there are three different types of outsourcing you can do.

  1. Onshore. The company you are contracting is either in the same country as you, or even in the same time zone/city. This tends to be a more expensive route, but you can talk in person with no barriers.
  2. Nearshore. Your guest workers are not exactly close, but they are not entirely foreign either. An in-person meeting is unlikely but you will begin to see benefits in price.
  3. Offshore. These workers are most likely on a different continent than your business but are much cheaper to hire. You also can open your project up to a broader network of experts this way.

Companies outsourcing their time for you will also need to know the scope of how long and how in-depth they will be working. This can be one of the biggest parts of your partnership, so it is imperative that you define what is needed and by whom. The common ones are:

  1. Project-only. On a project-only basis, the team or individual will work to complete one project, then the contract is over. This is a one-time hire and can be rather short if needed.
  2. Combined team/fill-in. Here, you are filling in holes in your team with outside professionals. This can be due to many reasons, most of which we’ll touch on later.
  3. Entire remote team. You have hired a whole team, completely remotely working for your business and now only manage the progress. They will do work for you but are not official employees of your business.

As you can see, there are many ways in which you can set up an outsourced team and connect with companies outsourcing. Whether they are far or close the time investment you expect from them drastically alters the length and depth of your partnership.

Now that you know how it works, let’s talk about why you should consider outsourcing. 

What Are the Benefits of Companies Outsourcing?

The benefits of outsourcing are great in comparison to solely working with an in-house company. You have much less to worry about in terms of time and money, as well as not having to go through an extensive hiring process for each member.

To go into more depth, when using companies outsourcing talent, you simplify a lot of the process on your end. Outsourced workers are cheaper than in-house workers, but will work harder and faster. You can typically expect an outsourced team or team member to complete their tasks with efficiency and great care.

There are also a lot fewer risks when using an outsourced team as well. When defining work parameters, both sides sign a contract defining the type of work done and the timeline for said work. Not only does this give them an idea of what you want, but it outlines your intentions and expectations. Failure to meet a contract means a loss of work for the outsourced crew, and no one will be willing to bet that.

As we mentioned before, you can also use outsourcing as a way to fill in gaps in your team. If you don’t have someone who is great with Javascript, for example, then outsourcing someone that is a known pro is much faster than hiring fresh. All you have to do is catch them up on your project and begin working. This takes all of the time and resources away from hiring and gets you right back into working with your team.

How to Find an Outsourcing Partner

If you are looking for a team of professionals or even a rockstar individual then you have hit the jackpot. Here at WillDom, we have a roster of amazing professionals from across the world who are all eager and want to help you build the best app, website, and many other types of projects.

Using what you learned above, you can easily book a call with us and start to build out your perfect work scenario. With our huge base of workers, we can find the right individual, or even full teams that get the ball rolling in no time.
To start the process of building your outsourced solution with companies outsourcing, connect with us on LinkedIn or visit our website. There you can schedule a call with our team and get your project completed quickly and easily.

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