Most Popular Programming Languages in 2022

Programming Languages

Those who work in IT know that programming languages are merely static, meaning that they don’t change abruptly but tend to maintain their use over time. Although languages that were used ten years ago may still be around today, the popularity of some of them indeed tends to stand out compared to others.

Out of all the existing programming languages, Python is the winner among developers these days. It’s not only programmers who choose Python over other technologies but also the companies that are looking for programmers. That’s why Python is the most demanded by those who want to learn a programming language.

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It’s reasonable that if a person wants to begin in the programming field, or an experienced programmer wants to modernize the technology he or she is using, they’re going to choose the most popular programming language. They will probably go for high-level programming languages since they are more modern and user-friendly when it comes to coding and maintenance. But we’ll go into this in more depth a few paragraphs below.

Also, it is important to opt for the best developers and engineers who can provide you what is needed for programming languages in your company. We recommend hiring remote staff to get the benefits of rightsourcing.

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What are the most widely used programming languages in recent years?

One of the challenges faced by those looking to get started in programming or those who’ve been working for some time and are looking to learn new programming languages, is the existing number of programming languages on the market. 

Choosing which ones to learn may not always be easy. That’s why knowing the most popular ones and the languages that are likely to continue booming in the coming years is essential for planning the future of a career in this area of IT – in house or remote.  

What’s most in-demand when looking for jobs in coding and on the programmer search postings that appeared on LinkedIn in 2021? Python is at the top.  Let’s take a deeper dive into the most requested programming technologies by IT companies.

  • Python is what’s called a general-purpose programming language. This means that it can be used for many different goals, such as simple scripting or for artificial intelligence architecture. The Python language is also used in machine learning, which is in high demand today.

Python doesn’t convert the code it uses into what’s called ‘machine code’ (a language that a computer can understand). On the contrary, it translates it into ‘bytecode’ that has to be then rendered by a PVM (Python virtual machine) to execute the code.

  • Java is one popular programming language that has been employed by thousands of companies around the world. In addition to being a programming language, it’s also a computer platform itself.

Java is derived from the C language and works with code blocks, delineated by curly brackets. 

When programming in Java, the platform writes the source code in .java files that are compiled for verification. Then the ‘bytecodes’ are written and executed in a JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

  • JavaScript is the language of choice for building any interactive feature into a website. An example of this is games, animations, or any button-press effect.

It’s a client-side language that’s frequently used on the server-side too. If looking to build user interfaces, JavaScript is what you need to learn.

  • SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used to define, control, and access data stored in a certain relational database.

While it’s not specifically a programming language but a querying language, they are closely related. Whichever programming language you choose to develop new software in, you’ll likely have to use SQL at some point.

High-level programming languages vs. low-level languages

The main point to remember is that programming languages are divided into two classes: high-level or low-level languages. The type of language to be used depends on what’s required. That’s why it’s important to learn the differences between both types of technologies, to be able to choose which one to learn and which one to use when developing.

Whether a language is high-level or low-level is defined by how close to the operating system that language works and how user-friendly it is or is not. With that said, let’s explore this…

Low-level languages

  • These groups of languages are closer to the computer system than high-level ones.  
  • The best-known language is ‘machine code’ which has zero abstraction. It is programmed in bytes represented in binary that the computer can understand.
  • Assembly language is another low-level language, similar to machine code.
  • It’s extremely fast and efficient but is not very user-friendly.  Once programmed, It’s also hard to maintain.
  • Another popular language among developers is the C programming language. which is not as abstract as machine code or assembly, but it comes close. 

High-level languages

  • The most popular examples of this kind of language are Python, Java and C++, among others.
  • They also feature abstraction but are readable and easy to understand. 
  • Each high-level programming language has its own way of being written and some are simpler than others.

Both language groups are important and useful, but also dependent on what the project needs. For example, the low-level language groups allow having more control over data storage, which is why it’s used to create a software driver, but not to write games.

On the other hand, the high-level groups allow writing the code in a more efficient and understandable way for the developers, preventing errors. They are the most chosen when putting up a website, or creating software. So now you know the most popular programming languages in 2022 and are ready to choose which one is right for you or your company. Do not hesitate to contact WillDom to help you search for the best team for your organization. We invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn or visit us at

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