Questions to ask your Joomla developer before you hire them

Joomla developer

A Joomla developer must be someone who can move in many waters, meaning being passionate about the technology culture, website creation, and content management. He/she must be intimately involved with all types of content management software in order to keep track of every piece that makes up the website.

In addition, Joomla developers must be curious, always being aware of the latest updates of the programs for creating and assembling web pages. This is a program that has been awarded several times worldwide, so it is not about knowledge that anyone can have.

To hire a Joomla developer should be a task that should be done thoroughly by those in charge of the human resources department, since this person will be responsible for helping with the assembly of a web page and above all, for the management of all its content.

A Joomla web developer must have the ability to design their work for an end user who is not very familiar with the more technical aspects and terms and be able to manage all work with a few clicks. Once inside, this developer will start up, add or edit articles, update images and manage the most important data related to daily tasks.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is the leading tool in the creation of websites, it is the most awarded content management system (CMS) worldwide. There are more than 40 million web pages created with Joomla.

Joomla allows you to easily manage the entire website, create a new section, modify the current ones, add new images, create new menu options, and almost anything you may need to be done quickly without technical knowledge. 

Joomla is Open Source software, you can use it for free and 95% of the components for Joomla are also free. Currently, Joomla is around version 3.9.

Joomla is now the most popular CMS, with a very active and growing community of users and developers. Joomla’s roots go back to the year 2000 and currently has over 200,000 users and contributors as part of the community, the future looks bright for this tool.

Skills that the Joomla developer to be hired must have

Proficiency in HTML5 and CSS3 languages

HTML and CSS languages will be essential since they will develop all the visible parts. HTML will be used to build the structure of the site while CSS will be used to dress the web page. It is essential to have a good knowledge of the latest versions. 


Today, JavaScript is essential in most projects. This programming language allows the visitor to interact with the page: it is the basis of a dynamic site and an enriched user experience. Among the various JS frameworks, jQuery is the most popular.

To have an added value, it is essential they highlight their knowledge of other libraries such as React, Ember, Angular or Vue. 

Have experience in CMS

Today, many companies use CMS to edit their website or application. These user-friendly interfaces make it easy and cost-effective to create dynamic and responsive projects. 

Therefore, they should know the main CMSs, as they will surely work on them during their career. On the CV, a good knowledge of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or Prestashop should be highly appreciated.

Knowledge of versioning

Version control is a very important concept in development. Thanks to software support, this allows Joomla developers to manage the different versions of a website. With these specific tools, they will be able to work directly on the source code of the project, without losing previous versions.

Therefore, expect them to have a good command of version control, in particular through the Git software, which is the most popular on the market.

Current experience in responsive and mobile-friendly design

As a developer, the role is to make the site accessible and fluid on all media. Therefore, today it is essential to think about adapting your site for use on a smartphone or tablet. 

So, they have to know the basics of UX development to provide functional sites that adapt to different devices, browsers and screen sizes.

Conducting a permanent technological watch

What they learned when they started studying a few years ago is already outdated. To succeed in the web market, which is constantly evolving, they must be constantly vigilant about learning. 

It is essential for them to be aware of all the new technologies and to know the latest updates of Front-End languages and frameworks.

Know how to work in a team

Depending on the size of the IT department you will integrate them with, they will have to work together with the back-end developer, the web designer and sometimes even with the SEO expert. Being a team player will therefore be a fundamental quality. In some structures, it is even possible to do pair programming: that is, coding in agile methodologies. 

Optimizing the website for users and search engines

This is a key skill during the entire development process. In fact, a website is built for users. It is therefore essential to optimize the loading time of pages for fast and fluid navigation.

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