The Best Skills a Web Developer Needs to Have to Get a Better Job

skills a web developer

Web developers have been in high demand for at least the last fifteen years. But, we must say, the skills companies required from these devs ten years ago aren’t the same as the ones required nowadays. In this way, the needed skills of web developers evolved. They aren’t just hard skills, soft ones are also required.

So, the expertise a web developer has to have when it comes to creating the best websites is many. Being a web programmer requires having, both, creative and technical knowledge. So, the skills a web developer must develop to get better jobs must be oriented to all of that.

5 Examples of Required Skills for a Web Developer

Companies keep seeking web developers to either bring them in-house or outsource them. While some skills web developers have had for a long time, some are becoming increasingly popular and sought after.

Here are the five most in-demand skills to land the right web developer job in 2022:

Become a JavaScript Expert

JavaScript is a high-level programming language that is responsible for implementing complex website functions, such as search bars or interactive maps.

While other languages have gained a lot of popularity, JavaScript remains by far the most popular of them all, even decades after its invention.

There’s plenty of material available for learning more and becoming a JavaScript expert, and lots of online help from the expert community.

A web developer must have a great deal of domain expertise, given that he or she must be able to deploy sophisticated functionality on a website.

Learn the Basics of Data Analysis

Many of the non-data-driven departments within companies are on their way out. Enterprises have learned that all decisions must be data-driven. That’s the reason Big Data keeps coming on strong.

Although in-depth data analysis as well as its underlying logic is not a web developer’s specific task, they need to be familiar with the meaning of some key metrics. Basic knowledge of this topic will help the developer understand the subject in meetings and presentations whenever it’s brought up.

Become a Responsive Website Developer

With mobile phones being an extension of the hand, developers have to consider that a great number of users are going to navigate from their cell phones.

Therefore, learning how to develop responsive websites, so they display perfectly on a portable phone’s screen, is highly relevant.

Failure to know or take into account responsive design will cause the website size will not adapt to a phone screen, a tablet, or even some PC displays.

When the layout and development are designed and built keeping this in mind, it’s more likely that the site will have more visitors. It will probably also mean that users will decide to come back and surf longer. In other words, responsive websites are more appealing.

Soft Skills are Very Important

Today, web developers no longer work entirely on their own. Generally, they tend to be part of a team or work with other departments to come up with the best possible design and development solutions.

Additionally, there are also possibilities for the dev to join in meetings to understand the needs of different clients. 

Therefore, it’s very important for the developer to be capable of listening carefully to other people, know how to work collaboratively, and keep a positive attitude toward other people’s opinions.

Learn How to Test your Code

Part of a web developer’s daily work should be to check the development, as well as the finished website, looking for bugs. That is the only way to find errors in time for fixing them as quickly as possible.

The more tests you run, the better the code you have written will work. Knowing how to test and debug your website is a must to become an expert web developer sought after by companies

How to Improve your Devs’ Skills

As we have already seen, there are many skills that web developers should work on to ensure to be among the best in their field. However, how can these skills be improved? Below are a couple of suggestions:

Practice Makes Perfection

This is the most significant tip out of all: practice. Write as much code as you can, for as long as you can.

That’s the only way to understand what are the most common mistakes, and where you need deepening. Besides, it will boost your typing skills. 

Learn More Languages

If you’re proficient in one programming language, try to learn a new one. Or, maybe, you can supplement the language you already know by heart.

Keeping an eye on what’s new will allow you to anticipate what companies will ask for and take you beyond your comfort zone.

Look for New Features

Aside from new developments regarding the languages you use and the newest ones, you should always pay special attention to trends of frameworks that can be useful for your work, for example.

For instance, if you come across a cool workflow tool, you can try to learn how to use it. It might be useful in your future job, or when coming across your next job interview. Clearly, there are many skills web developers have to pursue. Whichever one you decide to start with, all of them will definitely help you on the road to your ideal job. Want some help? Do not hesitate to contact us at our website or connect with us on LinkedIn. We at WillDom are happy to help you.

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