7 tips that a digital nomad should know to work from another country

Digital nomads

Digital nomads are those workers who have gained fame thanks to the growing advantages of freelance work and working via the Internet. They have made possible what used to be a utopia. 

Many people are becoming digital nomads nowadays, as they no longer need to go to an office to fulfill their obligations or develop their personal projects.

Digital nomads are usually people who have left behind the dependence on a fixed work schedule to get into the freelance world where they are masters of their schedules and manage their workloads themselves.

The digital nomad jobs are very diverse nowadays and generally have the common feature that they can develop the activity from the comfort of their home or anywhere in the world as long as there is a good Internet connection.

Some of the best jobs for digital nomads have to do with the entire field of technology, especially in marketing or programming, as they are activities that can be done from anywhere in the world.

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Different types of digital nomads

Digital nomad living on passive income

Passive income is one that is generated without having to be actively working to receive it. Traditional passive income can be the rent of an apartment or a rented place. In the world of digital nomads, passive income comes from the Internet.

By creating a website, an e-commerce, a blog, affiliate marketing, or selling info products, there are digital nomads who are able to create an automated system thanks to which they earn passive income. Of course, keeping this system active and running smoothly requires active work. But once everything is in place, it can become a scalable business.

Digital nomads working remotely

These are freelancers who telecommute and have the freedom to change the location of their workplace.

Freelance digital nomad

A freelancer is a professional who works on their own account. Being your own boss makes it easier to freely choose where in the world you want to work.

Some examples of the most common professions of freelance digital nomads are: writers, content editors, translators, SEO professionals, online marketers, photographers, graphic designers, web designers, or programmers.

A freelance digital nomad could also be any professional who offers services and is able to adapt them to new technologies, making their location irrelevant. For example, teachers who conduct class through video conferencing, consultants or lawyers who meet digitally, and so forth.

7 tips that a digital nomad should know to work from another country and the advantages of adopting this life

  1. You don’t have to follow fixed routines

Routine is not bad by definition. However, it must be combined with moments and spaces for creativity, improvisation, mental rest, and relaxation. These conditions are not usually present in most office jobs. Quite the contrary, the routine in these cases usually involves a high degree of work stress.

As a digital nomad, you will get out of that routine zone, such as a work office, and you will begin to live very different days from each other. You will be able to work from a coffee shop, from your home, from the beach, from a park… Wherever you want. And in these places you will have time for both relaxation and concentration.

  1. You make your decisions with total freedom

Freedom is a key point in nomadic work. And not only in the geographical aspect. When being completely independent, you don’t need to be accountable to others in the same way as you would if you worked in an office. You decide yourself when and how long you work each day.

  1. Increase your creativity

This factor has to do with independence and the possibility of changing the environment. Changing your stimulation is something that, inevitably, is reflected in your ideas and in your ability to innovate and propose.

Being a digital nomad entails a series of daily practices with which you can find yourself much more motivated and creative while working. This is a key advantage if your work requires creativity.

  1. It allows you to access new labor markets

One of the problems with office work is that it absorbs you, and when your workday is over, the only thing you feel like doing is resting and disconnecting. On the other hand, digital nomadism allows you to combine your own work with the search for other professional opportunities and challenges.

  1. Working and traveling at the same time

The great advantage of being a Digital Nomad is that you can do your daily work from anywhere in the world. If you like beaches, you can work lying in a hammock listening to the sound of the sea ,or if you like the mountains, you can perform your tasks in the tranquility of a cabin in the middle of a majestic landscape.

We would say that this is the main attraction of this type of work. You will no longer be geographically limited because of working on-site. So you will be able to travel without difficulty between cities or even countries without worrying about returning to the office.

  1. You need few work tools

The great attribute of working this way is that you need so few tools to perform your tasks that you can fit them in a backpack. If you have a laptop, tablet,  smartphone, camera, or a recorder, you can work from wherever you’d like.

  1. You have to organize your tasks

The most important thing is that you need to be as organized as possible in order to complete all of your tasks in time. So we recommend you to write down each one of them and organize them in order of importance and prioritize them.

Now, you are ready to be a digital nomad! If you are interested in learning more about WillDom or being part of our ecosystem, connect with us on LinkedIn or visit us at WillDom.com.

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