Why is React Popular? 

Why is React Popular?

To begin, ReactJS (commonly known as React), developed by Facebook engineer Jordan Walke to help with the tech company’s code maintenance, is a “JavaScript library for building user interfaces.” (Click here* to catch up on React’s history.) Essentially, React’s JavaScript library enables developers to create user interfaces for websites and applications in a fast and dynamically new way – and has totally changed the game in helping to build software and services. Here are a few reasons why React is so attractive to developers and the business world-at-large:

Simplicity and Ease-of-Use

Today, software cannot come with a steep learning curve. Companies are moving a mile a minute to meet their digital transformation demands and need to hit the ground running with their projects. React meets that need with its software development libraries, making it easy to understand and quickly implement. As stated above, React’s UI is easy to use and follow, making building and creating a simpler and more streamlined task.

Since React uses JavaScript, which is one of the core capabilities of WillDom’s tech talent, many members within our community have incorporated React into their toolkit. In fact, nearly 1-out-of-5 technologists in WillDom’s ecosystem have capabilities in React. Additionally, the graph below shows just how popular the framework has been within WillDom since 2019:

ReactJS Talent Growth

Flexibility and Scalability

React provides a great amount of flexibility to developers. For example, developers can use React to create SPAs (single page applications), mobile or hybrid applications, and even a TV application. Moreover, developers can incorporate as many external libraries and tools to build easy to complicated web and mobile applications. 

Mobile App Interoperability

Back in the day, it was a nightmare to build applications across Android and iOS platforms since the coding and infrastructure demands were completely different. This led to organizations spending a lot of time, money, and staff resources on building the same application for two different platforms. 

With React Native, developers can build without compromise across Android, iOS, and even IoT platforms. React Native enables one single codebase so developers can build powerful mobile applications efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Architecture Agnostic

React’s framework doesn’t implement MVC (model-view-controller) or MVVM (Model View ViewModel) architecture, enabling developers to choose whichever architecture they prefer for building web applications. While it does offer the option to use the Flux architecture, React makes it easy to implement a bring-your-own-architecture – which is perfect for companies looking to incorporate creative concepts. 

Low Maintenance Demands

Going back to React’s flexibility, its code makes the framework easy to maintain in large part due to its reusable components. Since React is primarily concerned with the View/UI layer, the components-based structure allows code elements to be reused multiple times throughout an app or across different projects. This means that build time is greatly reduced, which positively impacts the cost and timeframe for companies releasing new software/services or updating current offerings.

We hope these five considerations have been helpful in answering the why is react popular question. These are just a few of the benefits that help explain why React has become not only a trusted framework for developers but for companies proactively looking to bring in technical talent who have a background and expertise in it. To learn if React is right for your company, and the skills and capabilities WillDom can bring to your team or project, we invite you to visit willdom.com or follow us on Linkedin. 

*blog.risingstack.com/the-history-of-react-js-on-a-timeline/(opens in a new tab)

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