World’s best places to work remotely

best places to work remotely

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, not many companies hired people on a remote basis. That happened due to many factors, such as the tradition of having employees sitting at their desks. But, since the pandemic began, most employees have started working from home, especially in the IT world. Those workers frequently favor those companies that offer the possibility to work from anywhere. And that is when it becomes necessary to know which are the best places to work remotely.

Teleworking will most likely become the new default way of working. Both employees and employers have benefited from this modality, for example, when it comes to saving money. Since remote work is here to stay, here’s a look at some of the best places to work remotely worldwide.

Top 5 countries to work from home

Given this context, there are many people who ask themselves, “Can I work remotely in another country?”. And the answer is yes, absolutely. It doesn’t matter which country you’re in, or which country a company is located in. Remote work is increasingly becoming mainstream.

In fact, digital nomad culture has been going on for many years, even before the pandemic. This has been happening since the expansion of technology and the great demand for employees in all digital-related fields. From community managers to developers or content creators, all are in high demand in an era in which everything happens through a computer or cell phone screen.

However, working remotely doesn’t mean that you have to do it in your living room, or in the coffee shop around the corner. Remotely working has many benefits, and being able to do it from wherever in the world you prefer is one of them. 

Among the five best countries where you can work remotely from another country, are:


Yes, perhaps you hadn’t considered it, but Portugal tops the list of the top countries to work remotely. This is largely due to how well-rated the country is in terms of health, safety, and social life. 

In addition, Portugal has a super stable climate throughout the year, plus it offers a digital nomad visa for those workers who want to settle there to work remotely. Interesting, right?


Very close to Portugal both on the map and in the ranking of the best countries to work from home, Spain has always been a very popular location to settle down.

It scores several points ahead of the rest of the European countries in terms of low environmental pollution, and low costs to rent a place to live.

In addition, they have good Internet connections, and they also provide visas for remote workers. 

Let’s not forget their famous tapas. They’re another reason to choose this country!


One, perhaps, little expected. Romania occupies third place in all rankings of the best countries to work remotely.

Its incredible landscapes and history make it an interesting destination. And while the climate is not the most attractive thing about this location, the high quality of Internet services, as well as the low cost of living make it a great place to develop your career and life.


This island is located in the Indian Ocean just in front of Madagascar. Mauritius occupies fourth place in the ranking. It’s perfect for those who love the heat. If you’re a winter person, you better go to Romania.

It’s highly rated in terms of climate, health, and safety. Therefore, it’s a quiet place to work, go for a walk, and enjoy the beach. However, it doesn’t tend to do very well in terms of social life since it’s a peaceful place with few options for going out.


It ranks fifth but is tied with Mauritius. Unlike the Indian Ocean island, Japan is well rated in terms of social life. With plenty of galleries, restaurants, theaters, and nightclubs, life in Japan consists of many social outings.

The fast and stable Internet connection is also a plus, as is the country’s role in the world of technology and software development.

Tips on how to do home office

If you have never worked remotely before, you may have many doubts about how to make it work. Actually, as you start doing so, you will learn to understand what is best for you. Anyway, here are a few guys that can help you get started:

best places to work remotely
best places to work remotely

Set a schedule and stick to it

It may be hard to call it a day when working from home. But you must do so to keep that work-life balance.

Get out of the house

Staying in the same place and in one position all the time is exhausting, both physically and mentally. Going for a midday walk is a great exercise to cut the routine a bit.

Try to have a workspace

Ideally, you should have an entire room dedicated solely to work, apart from the rest of the house.

The fact is that few people can do that, but setting up a small office space at the dining room table is useful. Something you can pick up at the end of the day to contribute to work-life balance too.

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